Tailormade Retreats

Join us for tailormade retreats in beautiful Ibiza to ensure your engine is purring like a lion and that you feel ready and inspired… to embrace all that 2014 has to offer.  Priced according to your wellbeing wishes and budget needs… they can include:

* Holistic Life Coaching, NLP & MET as mechanics for the mind and emotions

* Learn from Ibiza’s finest Yoga teachers & holistic fitness technicians to enhance your physical wellbeing

* Receive bodywork & hands-on healing with massages, reiki and cranio-sacral rebalancing – we work with a world-class team of specialists to soothe a tired soul.

Or pamper and purify with holistic beauty treatments that also lift your spirits – leaving you looking and feeling amazing on the outside and within.

Rest your head in blissful retreat accommodations...  from stunning ancient fincas and tranquil villas to rustic bed & breakfasts = homes-with-a-heart or luxuriate in the comforts of Ibiza’s finest agroturismos.

1* Book an MOT for body, mind & spirit – a tailor-made retreat that encompasses holistic TLC plus yoga, pilates, personal training and lovely Life Coaching with NLP to support you in supporting yourself…. and making some tweaks to your lifestyle – or possibly even greater transformative changes, that will bring you greater health and happiness.

2* Prefer a Pure Yoga package? with some extra treatments & therapies by the pool

3* Rest & Rejuvenate – with total holistic pampering, lie-back and receive

And all in the beautiful, magical, environment of our gorgeous white island of Ibiza and Ibiza Retreats mind-body-spirit concierge service to ensure that you can enjoy the best beaches, sunsets and “need to knows” to give you a glow that lasts.