We are All trees of Life…

We are ALL trees of Life….

By Larah Davis – Founder and Co-Director of Ibiza Retreats

Photography by Sofia Gomez Fonzo

October is the gateway to autumn here in Ibiza and as the fig trees lose their leaves and the earthy scent of the Algarrobas (Carob trees) soothes our senses, I am remembering that Autumn is a time of slowing down and turning inward. 

But with Climate Change and Caring for our Planet crying out for attention, this year our inner consciousness is also asking us to keep looking outwards, to a planetary greater good, and to listen to our consciences to make vital changes, both inside and out.

I marched with my son last Friday 27th September – at 8 years old he held his banner high to “Wake UP and Save our Planet” and I felt tears rolling down my cheeks as my heart burst open.  With his friends and with other parents, school teachers, grandparents, walking through the streets of Ibiza, the sense of one-ness, of purpose and hope was palpable, uplifting and yet also with a sense of urgency too.

To support this hope we have to act now.

We have to take our Yoga off the mat and embrace TAPAS – the 3rd of the Niyamas, the Yogic Ethical Guidelines which means, in essence, embracing the self-discipline of having less, living more simply.

We need to ritually, seasonally, shed our old leaves. Both for our souls, and for our planet. Specifically, the leaves of excess, the ‘quick and easy’ plastic-use habits, the unnecessary car journeys – and flights – that create more carbon dioxide.

And so Susie and I, as owners of Ibiza Retreats, felt deep in our hearts, as the falling leaves revealed that this Autumn, we need to PLANT IT FORWARD!

We have committed to plant a tree for each guest coming to stay with us in Ibiza to offset the travel that taxes our environment.

With the help of the Ibiza Preservation Fund we are exploring which are the best trees to enhance our island’s biodiversity.

We are also supporting TREESISTERS – this amazing organization and vibrant sisterhood of women saying yes to new life, actively seeding the future we need to create for future generations.
Please click on this link to sign up to their newsletters and to donate to help support their incredible work!

In order to have the clarity and freedom for our branches to wave freely, our hearts need to be clear, we have to live in integrity.

Autumn is a time of reflection, reassessment and of release. It is also a time of nurturing ourselves and each other, our purpose, life’s deeper meaning, and thus our holistic health, on retreat.

We are offering two final beautiful and uplifting retreats for you this October.

GANESHA RETREAT to dive deep into the spiritual philosophies of Yoga, lead by the internationally renowned Yoga Teacher Trainer Suzanne Faith – and GLOW, our Yoga-as-medicine Autumn Revitalisation Yoga & Wellness weekender led by our dedicated Ibiza Retreats’ Team.

And finally, from the ‘front-line’ of selfless service, on our recent NOURISH retreat, it was an honour to receive the courageous and deeply inspiring Lilian Simonsson who, has spent years supporting refugees on the ground in the Calais Jungle, before going on to establish the ENTHUM FOUNDATION. Please do read more about their inspiring work and donate, share, spread the word of love for humanity.

What old “leaves” of patterns and habits are you ready to shed? Leaving more time and energy to care for each other, and our planet, instead.  

YOGA means UNION – and in our essence, we are all unified, humanity and nature, as one organism, living in our beautiful hopeful world.
We just have to remember – and choose the TAPAS of right action – for the greater good of our planet, and of us all.

With love, with gratitude for all those of you reading these words and sharing these paths. Together we rise…Larah x

ibiza yoga retreat

Springtime energy at Ibiza Retreats!

As the spring energies softly flow in, have you shaken off the last of the winter blues? Are you ready to embrace the energy of the new spring sunshine?

If you are still feeling lethargic, blocked, or in any way “not quite there” then maybe your lifestyle needs some purifying – a detox – to create fresh space in your body, your home, your life.

Our minds are constantly filtering information from our environmental surrounds.   This over-engages what we call the monkey mind and can create those “niggling” blockages and “up at night” insomnia moments, unless we have a regular, purifying internal / external clear-out.  Whatever the “stuff” is that is stuffed into that drawer, whichever emails have been sitting, gathering dust at the back of your inbox and yes – those relationships where there are still things “left unsaid” or, if YOU are needing to create inner-space, to give yourself extra focus and love, all of these components that make your life YOURS need regular attention to keep them clean, flowing and pure.

So here is a 5 step guide to clarify which parts of your life, into which you have been focussing YOUR time and energy (yep even subconsciously – this still plays a weight on your mind-body system), are creating a “pain in your neck” causing your to “carry extra weight” or have been “draining your energy”:   

(1) Fridge & Cupboards

How do you feel when you look at what you see? If you imagine eating what you are looking at, do you feel like it will BOOST or DRAIN your energy?  Anything UNDER 7-10 for energy boosting needs to go.  Your physical response is your inner-truth, it may come through as a quiet voice, physical feeling or a subtle “sense”.  And the more practice… the more your inner-wisdom can flow.

(2) Emails & Social Media

Digital detox time! Unsubscribe from anything other than what enables you to feel 7-10 GOOD to read.  News as we know it, is scripted to create “reactions” which over-stimulate the sympathetic nervous system (which is what turns our system on to fight-flight-or-freeze, mode and activates our adrenals and stimulates the production of cortisol). So if you want more clarity and calm in your life – at every level – start to set the 7-10 FILTERS, opt-OUT and unsubscribe.  Choose happy information instead!

(3) Yoga, Exercise, Outdoors-in-nature appointments

How can you up your serotonin levels most easily? Get breathing, get moving, create inner-space and focus on nourishing your “whole self”.  Get into the magical OUTDOORS as often as you can, make “nature dates” to immerse yourself in OXYGEN and to re-ionise through walking on earth rather than concrete.  Yes, even in cities, get to the parks to embalm yourself with calming colour green from trees, lawns and beautiful beds of flowers to help you feel more serene.

(4) Wardrobe & Home

How many pieces of exquisite design have you picked up at sales that “don’t quite fit” or just simply don’t feel 100% right?  Apply the 7/10 rule – beginning with your wardrobe to declutter clothes, shoes and accessories and then continue throughout your home interiors.  keepsakes, and knick-knacks all take up head-space, albeit it subconsciously to ensure that everything that you surround yourself with is doing its job, to help you feel GOOD energetically and emotionally.

(5) Social relationships

Are your friendships bringing you the warmth, love and support that feels good for you this year? If there are any that are NOT, then for BOTH of your wellbeing, isn’t it better to be clear?  Choose to spend time with those with whom you can be yourself and truly shine.  Then you can be sustainable radiators for each other and enhance each others’ state of body, soul and mind!

So is it time to choose to step up and spring-clean your lifestyle? It is all about “tuning in” and checking in with how you “feel” on a scale of 1 – 10. It really is that simple… and fun once you have begun!  You can also invite a friend to come and help you keep reality-checked and the more your practice, the more slick and super-fun your life-flow will become.

Like this ? Want to experience more… join us on an inspiring, transformational retreat this spring-time in Ibiza and feel an amazing energy boost – we begin each retreat with holistic energy coaching to detox your lifestyle and encounter new and amazing ways to magically upgrade your newly re-energised-life!

Just Stop! Yoga & Spring Lifestyle Detox

Featured in the Times Top mind-body wellness escapes – Just Stop! and detox your lifestyle  in Ibiza this Springtime.   Invigorate your whole system with fresh air and shake free of winter lethargy. Nourish your nervous system with healing hands and a long deep exhale… Come, let go and unwind in the welcoming arms of the Just Stop! team. Strengthen your body and find peace-of-mind, with mindful hatha vinyasa flow yoga and calming meditation & pranayama techniques.  Revitalise with a nutritionist on hand to help you to eat right for your type, with super-food laced, purifying, seasonal, vegetarian cuisine, sugar wheat and dairy free. and fresh, locally sourced produce and post yoga nutritionally designed juices!

Get clear about your purpose, path and priorities with Life & Wellness Coaching with NLP Coaches & Yoga Instructors Larah Davis, founder of Ibiza Retreats and Rebekah Fensome. Release emotional blockages with MET super-tapping-teacher Shambala.  Experience Tai Chi with Arun and let Ibiza’s energy restore your inner-smile.  Experience deep relaxation with yoga nidra-yogic sleepl Silence the chattering monkey mind.  Lie back and allow our amazing therapists’ healing hands to massage your stresses and strains away, From 795GBP / 999 euros all-inc sharing / £965 / €1,160 with purifying, naturally detoxifying diet, sunset meditations, beautiful beach time, walks in nature. 

Just Stop! Yoga & Lifestyle Detox Retreats offer gently facilitated YOU-time to recharge your batteries – full dates available for 2014 are:

March 23 – 27

April 23 – 27

May 31 – 4 June

July 19 – 23

August 3 – 7

September 21 – 25

October – 18 – 22

March, April, May, July & August – set in a 400 year old Finca retreat, rustic and natural amidst hectares of fig, almond and carob trees.  With bio-pool and lush gardens, perfect peace and tranquility.

September & October – in the Zen Tranquility of Villa Amonita with stunning emerald lap-pool

Both with magical canopied yoga decks amidst the pines.

With plenty of you-time for cranio-sacral therapy, reflexology.  “Play”shops for techniques to take away to manage stress and create greater emotional balance  include MET (Tapping – Emotional Freedom Technique) intro workshop, Yoga Nidra Relaxation and pool-side holistic therapies, sleep, siesta, rest and read.  Boost your body, mind and spirit with soft autumnal sunshine and fresh herbal teas, juices and siestas in the shade of the pine trees. Enquire here now. 

“Get Glowing” Yoga, Energy & Natural Rejuvenation

Ibiza has magical energy – so learn how to Get Glowing and raise your vibration with  Larah, Susie, Shambala, Faye & Team as they welcome you to for an Ibizan energy infusion this springtime. Learn how to listen to your heart, tune in to your needs and energise your body and soul, with empowering Vinyasa yoga and breath work to get your energy flowing,  rebalancing massages with reiki and reflexology and 1:1 Wellbeing Coaching sessions support you recognise energy drains and map out practical strategies to maintain your positive energy back in reality.  Explore your energy-system with chakra opening meditations and  visualisations with Larah, whilst Susie supports you to invoke an exciting pranic-flow.  Morning juices are nutritionally designed and the fresh, seasonal, wheat, sugar and dairy free cuisine is laced with superfoods to boost your wellbeing.    Book direct with us and… for 2015 receive, as well as a massage, either a reflexology session OR a heaven facial!

Glow on the outside as well as within –  refresh your skin, boost circulation and invigorate your lymphatic system with natural salt & clay scrubs as we whisk you to a secluded turquoise cove for natural cleansing and healing rituals. Then, relax deeply into the softer autumn sun in the zen tranquility of our stunning retreat villa on a pine-covered hill, helping you come back to your essence and tune out the energy-zapping responsibilities, so that you can tune back in and breathe…Workshops include MET (Tapping) with Shambala, VoicEssence with Laor, Self-healing and Reiki with Faye and a Kundalini yoga experience to raise your vibrations with Trish as well as a magical cliff-top surprise.

* 4 Night Retreats – £865 / €1,095 twin-sharing en-suite & £1,165 /€1,395 single-occupancy en-suite
* 5 Night Retreats -£995 / €1,245 twin-sharing en-suite & £1,265 /€1,495 single-occupancy en-suite
* 6 Night Retreats – £1,195 / €1,395 twin-sharing en-suite / £1,495 – €1,795 single-occupancy en-suite

Susie & Larah’s intelligent yoga guidance will reawaken your passion for life: Susie’s precision asana adjustments are complemented by Larah’s deep visualizations and energetic healing, refreshing your life force with grounded inspiration and energetic awareness – enhancing your body-mind connection and building your confidence on and off the mat. Take time and space to  connect again to your inner-most wishes and needs.”

Get Glowing and learn to appreciate your whole self, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Rest amidst the many Morrocan-inspired arches of Can Amonita retreat villa –  cool off in the stunning lap pool siesta or chillax on the deck by the buddha-pond,  swim in turquoise waters of nearby Benirras beach.  Marvel at magical sunsets on your final evening, experience Ibiza’s natural beauty to rejuvenate your inspiration.

Delicious nourishment beckons you to delight in enlightening conscious cuisine, seasonal, fresh, locally sourced and as organic as possible.  Wheat, sugar and dairy free.

Yoga is taught – in the fresh smiling mornings on the yoga deck amidst the pines.

Price: 4 nights retreat from 865gbp sharing all inclusive of accommodation, conscious cuisine, teas & waters & fruit, 1:1 yoga to design your back-to-life practice, Wellbeing Coaching, morning awaken & energise yoga, MET emotional freedom technique with Shambala, Reiki and self-healing workshop with Faye, Meditations and visualisations for Opening the Chakras, evening mind-body workshops, beach trips, natural swimming &  aaaaahwesome sunset experiences in Ibiza’s magical nature. Want to stay longer?  b & b with pleasure  depending on availability.  For more information & to book: enquire here now.



Yoga & Horse-riding in Ibiza

February & March 2015 – It is the perfect time to explore Ibiza’s magical countryside, with the stunning views from being, close-to-nature, part of nature, on horse-back OR on foot.  Mother nature calms us, heals us and provides the space and the stunning settings for new life perspectives, bringing about a natural feeling of wellbeing.  And, with yoga and breath work each morning, you will reconnect your head and your heart, experience new levels of enjoyment in the saddle and a deeper connection to and feeling for your horse.  For individuals, friends and mothers and daughters who want to share a special experience.You can also dd horse-riding to either the Just Stop! or Get Glowing Retreats.

You do not need to be yoga or horse-riding experts! This retreat is open to ALL levels, and is an opportunity to, disconnect from stress and pressures, to enjoy the space and time to breathe deep and reconnect with nature – and each other – to bond and become closer, whilst developing a yoga practice to complement your everyday life with techniques to strengthen body and mind.  Open your lungs to the salty purifying sea air with a long beach walk and pine-scented cliff-top sunset hike.  Relax and let go with a massage on arrival and a Bowen session with Lizzy to bring your body, mind and energy back into balance.  Nourish yourself with delicious vegetarian soul-food and enjoy 2 evenings of free time to adventure into some of Ibiza’s most atmospheric evening eateries.

With Ibiza Retreats’ mind-body-spirit concierge service to connect you with optional treatments & therapies from reflexology to acupuncture and facials.  Our team will help you tailor-make your time by tuning you into  the most special places to discover….  you can go with the flow and totally relax

Price: from 695 gbp sharing 899 euros

Please read here for further information!

* 1 x extra night b&b can be arranged with pleasure – at 120 euros for 2 x people sharing.