Retreat of the Month: Just Stop!

Just Stop!…and remember, ME-time is the key!

Whether you are burned out, tired out, are going through challenging life changes or feeling stuck on an ever-faster hamster’s wheel – we have the key! The secret is to…. Just Stop! This retreat offers you deep change and transformation, with gentle, loving, care. In the tranquil surroundings of Ibiza Retreats’ beautiful new retreat home, Casa Lakshmi Luz, you will experience holistic life coaching, transformative meditations, mindful flow yoga, massages, cranio-sacral therapy, reflexology and up to 50 different treatments and therapies, which are woven into a personal program to get you back on track with YOUR physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Do you need to detox your mind and release physical tensions? Are you in need of deep rest and rejuvenation? Longing for clarity and inspiration? Do you feel the call to find your true purpose in life, so that you can make the conscious choices which will really bring you a sustainable sense of happiness and wellbeing? Then Just Stop! is for you – a truly holistic mind, body and spirit refuel retreat.

Lovely Larah’s passion for healing and growth inspires you to feel into your body, to release deep with yoga nidra and to tune in, with Spiritual and Holistic Coaching, to the needs of your soul. Intuitive guidance and ayurvedic expertise from Liliana will gift you with new awareness about nutrition and yoga for your own rebalancing. Her marmapoint massages calm even the busiest minds, whilst Shambala´s soft sweet heart enables your fears to release, you will experience your own power to transform blocking emotions as Shambala guides you all through TAPPING (MET).

Imagine if your wake-up call was a soft knock and a rosemary, lemon and honey tea? As you gently arise to a morning of sweet silence and step out into the gardens, with soft rolling hills surrounding your retreat-home sanctuary. Step underneath the magical artisan arch, dripping with crystals and charms, through the peace gardens and onto the yoga and meditation platform. Here you can surrender and truly let go, as the group is guided by our teachers and wellness experts, working intuitively to tailor each session to your personal needs. And, when it is finally time to fly back to a new reality, you will leave feeling empowered with a personalized morning practice, clear life goals and a practical coaching strategy.

Magical Mayla nourishes you all with raw and organic cuisine, curries and gourmet, fresh and fabulous creations. Come and experience a holistic rebirth, supported by our team of Ibiza’s angels!