Fixing Energetic leaks and drains in your life

QUANTUM PLUMBING for mind-body and heart! How to clear, unblock and strengthen against those energy leaks and drains!


How many times have you said to yourself – or to others – “I feel drained..” ?

As we’re staring out with some plumbing vocabulary, we may as well continue!

Do you ever feel ‘blocked’, physically or emotionally ‘drained’, or that things aren’t flowing as easily as they should?


We want to enable you, as a wonderful human being, made up of cells than are more than 80% water, to enjoy a LIFE FLOW that feels GOOD. And as at the center of every cell, you are simply vibrating particles of energy….. remember: where attention goes energy flows so here is a 3 step “quantum plumbing guide” to be able to flush out negative energies, get the flow going again in ‘stagnant’ times, whilst taking the time to become aware of repeating blockages so that you can make the deeper, long-lasting life-shifts.


In practical emotional-anatomical terms…. Every emotion affects a certain organ, anxiety affects the kidneys; the kidneys process the urine…. so when your thoughts are softly flowing and your mind feels bright and clear, toxins can literally, pass out through your pee freely!


If you are feeling stuck or stagnating, constipation can occur… if you feel overwhelmed and unable to digest life… that you are giving out too much to too many, indigestion and IBS may be the result. Everything is connected…


Ok, so we are going to call this exercise the ‘Quantum Plumbing Progamme’ – to enable toxins to pass freely out of your system, to block energy leakages at a sub-cellular level, to prevent further drains on your emotional and physical resources and to ensure you have everything flowing as it should….


Lets start with some Svadvaya (self-enquiry)


  1. What (or who) is blocking your life-flow at the moment?


  1. What (or who) is draining your energy?


  1. What do you need to choose to do differently?

(in order to take your power back, let life flow…. and prevent the “leaks” from happening again)



When we have energetic blockages in our lives, we can never perform at our full capacity. We may think that we are ok, but there are hidden obstacles to our growth and to our ‘free-flowing’ channels of energy and creativity.


* Is it a trigger for something from your past that has come up to invite more learning and is ready for you to release? (especially situations that incite anger/fear/spins/frustrations)


* Is it a pain in the neck? Too much on your shoulders that is restricting your breathing?


* Is there a frog in your throat or a current ‘hairball’ that is making you cough and choke because you need to speak your truth and communicate more easily?


* Is it a tightening of our physical resources that is causing lower back pain and is preventing you from looking beyond our current situation?


These are all areas that we must investigate, so be honest with yourself, reflect, practice the yogic Svadvaya of self-enquiry to look quietly and clearly within.


PLUMBING LESSON 2 – DRAINS / DRAINAGES – how to mend the leaks!


This is an important one; to preserve and empower your energetic flow – WATCH OUT FOR LEAKS AND DRAINS !


* AVOID Being “always on” – DIGITAL (OVER) AVAILABILITY is the No1 energy-exhauster at every level.


* BE AWARE OF TOXIC SOCIAL SETTINGS and FALSE FRIENDS – Detox those who make you feel bad/guilty/judged. Choose to feel compassion for them that they are stuck in those patterns – avoid trying to change them (as you will just get sucked in)   Instead:


* CHOOSE RADIATOR RELATIONSHIPS – with those who are on the same level, whose company is warming and empowering, who you can truly be yourself with, who respect your needs and your life path.


* BE AWARE of the VAMPIRES – the lighter you become, the more brightly you shine, the more Vampires may want to enjoy your delicious positive energy! Make a list of those people who only turn up in your life when you have something they want and be sure to protect yourself intentionally and energetically (with a bubble of light) before answering the phone/ Whatsapp message / email / door!


* EMBRACE THE POWER OF NO! Remember: Saying “NO” from your heart, to others means Saying “YES” to you!




* Create a DAILY RITUAL that enables you to feel centred, calm and connected (to your inner-guidance system).


* PRACTICE SELF-CARE for a FULL CUP (that effortlessly overflows) – choose organic, nourishing foods and drink plenty of water. Take daily exercise and time in nature (or in a park) as frequently as you can. Get REST and plenty of it! As a priority including a healthy sleep-routine to get at least 2 hours in before midnight.


* LEARN to LISTEN TO YOUR NEEDS, your TRUTHS and know that by filling yourself up fully first, you have MORE than enough energy, love and time to give to those you love around you.


* JOURNAL your energy levels throughout the month and your lunar cycle (women) and by the cycle of the moon (men). Get to know when you feel strongest / most energetic /calmest /most emotional / tired. Begin to sculpt your life responsibilities / work / home / chidren/ social AROUND the times in your cycle that enable you to be at your energetic best for them.   Use the dark-moon times for reflection and quiet rest and rejuvenation.


* Take responsibility for your ENERGY levels every day. Be prepared to change appointments, go slower, book in an extra massage or yoga session to OPTIMISE your life state so that you can remain strong and in your centre. When you are centred and strong and balanced the rest of the life recognises this and flows around you too!


* STRENGTHEN YOUR ENERGETIC BOUNDARIES – use your intention and visualise a protective bubble before you walk out of the door.   Notice what colour works for you and wear this also as a bracelet or amulet.


KNOW that you are WORTHY and deserve to feel calm, balanced and whole. That life CAN flow better when you go more slowly and that most of the time….

Doing LESS really will bring you more.