3 Key techniques for soothing and cooling the mind

The hotter sun asks us to move more slowly and here, in Ibiza, as temperatures rise, you have to rest and relax during the heat of the day, giving yourself time to unwind.  Yet wherever you are in the world, as the heat starts to increase, you may also feel the need to cool down, in daily life.
Do you ever feel hot headed or worked up as temperatures rise both around you and… inside?

Remembering that everything is energy and that we, in our essence, at a sub cellular level, are simply vibrating particles of energy, a strong emotional charge can fire you up, just as the cooling sounds of waves can cool you down mentally.

1) Deepen and lengthen your exhales
A slow long exhale calms the heart-rate and slows the nervous system down.  So if you feel stress shortening your breath, or a tightness in your chest, over-excited (or feeling overwhelmed) then take a long deep inhale and count to four and then exhale for a count of 6.  Keep increasing the count for your inhale and lengthening your exhale for two counts more, giving your full attention to your breathing.

2) Move your body fluidly.
Have you noticed that when emotions rise your muscle tension rises too?So when you observe this soften and relax your body consciously, moving your hands and your arms fluidly, your neck, gently and softly.  Walk, glide and this softens the muscle tissues and the web of fascia sends messages throughout your inner-body that you are softening, which continues to whisper to your hips, your hands, your pelvis, your organs and your endocrine and cardiovascular systems (as the heart is, in essence, a pulsing muscle too!).

3) Connect to the water element
Take cool showers, go for an outdoor swim or take time to visit rivers and lakes where just being near the water, connects deeply to who we are in our watery essence: 70% water!

Water inside our bodies is a major component of all of our organs, lubricates joints, delivers oxygen all over the body amongst many important functions and so whenever you wash your hands, why not do it consciously? You literally can intend to wash your hands of any stressful situations or toxic relationships that are not serving you.

 You can wash away any public interactions and cleanse of other people’s energies.

No water around? Visualise yourself being cleansed with a waterfall of light.

So just like the moon shifts the tides, when you feel an emotional tidal wave coming, remember that you too, are a being made of water and you can choose to help this tidal wave roll through you more easily when you breathe, move dance, connect to flowing music and watery land and soundscapes…  and enjoy life’s calmer seas, for a soothing summer-time.