Trust = the vital ingredient for Going with the Flow

Life coaching techniques to help you refine “The Art of letting Go”.  A body-mind tool, that is part of the art of letting go, is trusting in the higher intelligence of the universe to guide you,

When life presents challenges that just feel like too much, rather than breaking down into a sad or stressed out puddle, ask yourself honestly:”is this something I want to overcome….. or am I holding on because I am scared of what others’ might say, about being wrong, about being deemed a failure?”

Do I genuinely want to persevere for this because I believe will benefit my / my families whole being and life experience?

Or is it because it is actually easier to hang on in there in an uncomfortable comfort zone, than to dare to stop, reflect and choose a path that is different.

There is a saying that we love here at Ibiza Retreats… “Let go and let God”.  The more we can allow our life horse to occasionally buck and rear and gallop, the more easily we can ride through turbulent moments and remain seated in the saddle.

And when we stop trying too hard to do and be and achieve, very often the lovely things that open up, the positive people and lucky opportunities, are already there…..    When we let go and go with the flow, trusting that everything is happening in a perfect divine order, we relax, physically and emotionally…. which allows us to see the wonderful things that are there.

I though today that I really wanted to pick up my son from school to take him for a medical check-up.  Yet when the rain suggested that the roads may be challenging to drive, a subsequent hiccup with the car meant that I had to stay inside.  And whilst I originally felt concerned about “cancelling the appointment” and “letting other people down”, the moment that I phoned to rearrange things, I found that the whole world was on my side.  The receptionist rebooked us easily, my car problem was then swiftly sorted….  and how much lovelier it was to rest with a cup of tea and my laptop by the fire.

When we are too focussed on what we THINK we want to happen, we can be blind to what will really help our heart sing.

So remember to question your motives behind all the “trying situations” that happen this week….. if you find yourself trying to hard, and pushing to make things happen, take time to reflect on what will genuinely bring you greater happiness, fulfillment and peace.