Wellness consultant: How to harmonise your heart

What helps you feel most nourished and filled up with (self) love? Do you relish the energy given off by radiator-like friends? Do you sparkle like a star from the buzz of good social events? Or do you prefer the natural energy you receive from walks amongst flowers, grass and trees or from the sounds of crashing waves along a beach?

The heart is about one million times stronger electrically than the brain, so for a life of health and happiness (and therefore, sustainable success), keeping your heart’s energy charged can only happen when you nourish yourself holistically.

Whether you love the feel of a vibrant city or the sensory infusion of a colourful music-filled symphony, nourishing yourself in body, heart and mind is important.

  • Boost your body strength and beauty via exercise, oxygenating your system with hikes and walks outside, practicing yoga to tone and get your prana (life-force energy) flowing
  • Massage your mind with mindfulness in every day life by downloading this app and turning any testing tube-journeys into headspace practices that focus the mental-monkey-chatter and massage your inner-mind
  • Harmonise your heart and soul by using the power of appreciation to open and expand your heart’s vibration. The heart’s energy field is like a cyclical torus (imagine a doughnut shape) with energy flowing through, up and out. Where attention goes, energy flows – everything is energy.

It has been proven that as you point your focus on what you can appreciate – whether it is the warmth of the sun, or having functioning, healthy legs to walk on – you begin to notice much more of the good stuff you are so fortunate to have happening within and around you. Rather than getting stuck on what is exhausting and frustrating, or otherwise feeling negative, your awareness about the good stuff expands. Check out this TED talk by Mike Robbins – to find out more.

Simply put, appreciating external things nourishes you fully – the good thoughts and feelings multiply, helping you happily harmonise.

The heart is also five million times more magnetic than the brain. Like the ripples that expand outwardly when you drop a stone into a pond, by choosing one thing each day to nourish each part of your inner and outer self, your positive feelings and thoughts – in essence, your vibrations – will send out this message to the world around you. Being the magnet you are, you will start attracting more nourishing people, clients and situations into your life and become more nourishing for others via your energy.