Take your time…. the secret to stress-free living…

In a recent article the Dalai Lama spoke about his technique for enjoying a smooth flow in life.

He always gets everywhere early!

Just imagine the bliss of having extra time before each appointment, to breathe and drink a cup of tea or sip some water and reconnect with your centre, to ground your energy.

How lovely would it be to enjoy the driving from A-B so that you can actually listen to beautiful music, a calming meditation, to clear your mind and find your smile before a meeting?

What could the differences in your life be if you never felt you were rushing….. and instead, could stop if you wished to an admire an ancient building, a previously unseen sight, take a brief walk in a beautiful park, soak up some sunshine or choose to let a full tube pass you by and delight in the following empty one?

Just for this week – give yourself an extra fabulous fifteen minutes of time-margin before and after each physical meeting where travelling is involved.   That includes going to and from the office and other points of “work”.

Notice the differences in your breathing, in your body, in your shoulders and in your ways of walking, thinking and talking.

Looking forward to your feedback!
And to hearing about the new feelings of space, time and clarity….. and much more….. that may be found.