Mother Nature… the best way to begin your day…

Whether you live in a city that feels often choked full of smoke, or in the blissful surrounds of the English, German or Ibizan countryside, just for this week ahead, begin your day by spending a few moments with mother nature.

Being in nature is scientifically proven to reduce stress and promote thoughts and feelings of peace and calm. The sounds, the smells, the expanded views, the depth of colour and the different green hues all nurtures our spirit, soothes our soul and… reminds us, at an essential level, a bit more about what life is really about.

Even if you are in a city – make a point of having some herbs that you grow yourself, near to you in the kitchen. Schedule a walk in the park or even a 15 minute coffee or tea run that gets you outside and close to trees.  Notice how this help you also to hopefully remember to BREATHE.  Desk breaks are vital for reducing stress and helping to expand our vision and open our minds.  This is essential for our work effectiveness and life happiness, it helps keep things in perspective and how better to break the computer / boardroom / phone / electronic buzz / interactive stimulation than by choosing, just for this week, to take a quick 15 or 20 in your closest park.    Can’t get to a park too easily? Change your screen saver! Put beautiful scenery into your immediate environment.  Purchase a plant that helps clean the air that you LOVE to look at.  A little bit of fresh mint and that you can even put in your mouth if you need to and squeeze fresh lemons into your tea for an immediate natural uplift, go on, imagine smelling the scent of a fresh lemon right now.

And if you are already living in a beautiful natural environment, make the most of this.  Walk consciously, rather from A to B.  Notice how children are engaging with the different plants and flowers…. this is meditation in motion, stilling the whirring mind and bringing you and your monkey-like attention into a “present” here and now frame of being.

And enjoy the healing affects of being with mother nature, dare to take your shoes off and feel the earth beneath your feet.  If you really dare…. lie against, sit back against or even hug a tree.  These amazing creations are simply brilliant at helping to release and drain away old unwanted thoughts and negative energies.   Then say thank you – for all that nature gives to us…. unconditionally.  Concreted over time after time, hacked apart to create oil well and mines.  We still receive beautiful flowers and delicious fruits…   shade from trees and honey from bees…   and funnily enough, it is where we, originally come from.

Simply remember, this week, to enjoy…..