Rosemary & Ginger teas with fresh Ibiza Lemons

Straight from the bush and the trees, Ibiza is an island of natural abundance, with just what you need, often right before your eyes, to warm you up, to heal, to soothe and to purify.

December is now in full swing, mulled wine and christmas festivities are merrily beginning and the body, our kidneys and liverespecially, need even more TLC as this is traditionally the hibernation season…

So… rather than reaching for an extra cup of frothy coffee, give yourself a gift of naturally uplifting and purifying tea.

Here in Ibiza our mountainsides are covered with amazing scented Rosemary – a herb that refreshes the system and which, very simply, cleaned and placed in super-hot (not boiling) water makes a delicious revitalising tea that also tones our organs.

Add lemon for zest and a perfect “awakener” with extra vitamin C zing… and a teaspoon of rosemary honey for mother nature’s finest antibacterial potion.

Ahhh and ginger, from the earth, is a natural antisceptic that wards of colds and staves off flus and is, in Chinese Medicine, a fire root that helps to burn up also damp and unhealthy emotions.  Chop finely and simmer and THEN add the lemon and honey to taste.

Feel healthy and happy naturally this December – tis the season to be merry after all…