Tune-in to yourself to tune-up your nutritional health!

As practicing yogis, nutrition goes hand in hand with asanas, breathwork, meditation and kind and gentle yogic attitudes. Yoga encourages you to be kind to your body and to treat others also with gentleness. So just in the same way, with nutrition, we encourage our retreat guests to take the time to listen to visceral, body responses, to make the food choices that feel good to eat and are energising to digest and fuel up on! Through this you are truly honouring your wellbeing.

We begin by eliminating the base food types that are omnipresent within western diets, that contain high levels of sugars, are processed, glutenous, high GI (glycaemic index) and we eliminate all foods that cause blood sugar levels to surge, or that stimulate your adrenals (like caffeine) so you can allow your nervous system to rest

Once blood sugar levels have stabilised and the nervous system is resting, you feel more balanced, connected and clear. And then the questions arise: What about bread? What about wheat? Why do we avoid dairy? The breads we serve are handmade, from spelt, kamut or rye flour – easier to digest and with a much lower glycaemic index (think slow-burn sugars that give you sustainable energy). We eliminate high lactose products and avoid cows milk and cheese.

To keep it simple: think global – act local. And go as organic as you can! Avoid shipping in products that cost miles on the carbon footprint, mother nature really does provide our bodies with the best nutrients needed for where you are living, and for the season you are in. The kakis (persimmon fruits) that arrive in Ibiza in autumn on our trees are mineral and vitamin-rich super foods, packed with the nourishment our end-of-summer bodies need. The watermelons in summer are hugely cooling for the system when the temperatures are bubbling high.

Fundamentally, we at Ibiza Retreats believe good nutrition is about the energetic vibration of what you are eating. That means the source of the food has been nurtured with care, without toxic pesticides and treated kindly, whether animal, fruit or vegetable, with a happy life. The yogic quality and moral practice of ‘ahimsa’ (or non-violence) means practicing kindness to both your inner and outer worlds, so we only serve eggs from grain fed, free-range chickens, serve yoghurt from local sheep and cheese from local goats that we know, from our own eyes, are happy, healthy and well-fed.

Good nutrition is also about conscious eating. Take a moment to appreciate the food on your plate, and the care that has gone into the growth of the vegetables and fruits. If you eat meat or fish, give some thanks to that the animal has died in order for you to benefit from it. Choose to eat the right amount – taking the time to chew slowly and most especially, to enjoy what you eat. Too much of anything overwhelms the digestive system. Moderation is key!

Yes – it takes knowledge and self-awareness to shape your own healthy nutritional balance. To begin with, it also takes some reorganisation and self-discipline to make the changes, yet as soon as your body begins to feel the strength, lightness, clarity of mind and, as blood sugars stabilise, the balance and inner-calm. There often is no going back. As you become purer and clearer, you become more sensitive to the food types that aggravate your system and simply want to avoid those that are less beneficial for you. Listen to your body – and your body really will tell you what it needs. Everyone is different! Your nutritional needs – depending on the time of year and what is going on in your life emotionally – will change, so keep your mind open and let your body do the talking.

Enjoy purifying healthy organic and seasonal cuisine on all of our retreats! Our Get Glowing Retreats feature diets designed by nutritionist Verity Smith to optimise your energy levels. Our Just Stop! Retreats have diets, also designed by Verity, to neutralise and rebalance the nervous system, to reduce stress on the digestive system and to stabilise blood sugar levels. Our Pure Yoga & Ayurveda retreats have a more ‘Sattvic’ approach, including Ayurvedic-Ibizan cuisine designed by Verity Smith and chef and yogi Maili Dinim, with Liliana Galvis’ Ayurvedic expertise. The Boutique Yoga & Detox includes a one-day juice cleanse and new in October 2015 are our Juice & Flow Retreats in collaboration with Verity to support you to enhance your connection with your body, to reboot your whole system as you clear and cleanse in body, soul and mind.