Reflexology and massage with Dee Netto

Dee Netto, originally from South Africa, first came to Ibiza via London and fell immediately in love with the free spirit of the island. A qualified beautician, reflexologist and masseuse, softly spoken and with a heart committed to enabling wellbeing for all, her gentle, grounded presence relaxes and reassures you immediately. A very talented energy worker, Dee spends as much time in nature as possible to stay connected and clear.

She believes Ibiza intensifies energy and Dee channels this energy with a purity and lightness that helps even the most cynical minds to open and unwind. Dee feels deeply inspired by the people she treats – and feels always able to learn from her clients. Her wish is to really be present to listen to you and hence, her clients feel able to pour their hearts out to her. Dee lives her philosophy that we are all one. She exudes love and acceptance and has a spirit so warm and generous that you feel how she gives to people universally. As Dee says, “Give from your heart, and it all comes back to you”.

Dee’s speciality is deep tissue and massage and reflexology. Through reflexology she can find all blockages in the system and body and clear all the channels with greater ease.  Her massage is deep and enables her to find tension spots caused by stress and trauma. Her more subtle energy work is with intention. Dee will always ask you what you want from your treatment and then works with intention to help you release the blockages physically, emotionally and energetically, so you can receive what you need.

Released, reconnected and remembering who you truly are, your body will thank you deeply and if you are open to it, Dee’s intuitive work will help you to see and feel the insights that will inspire you to make positive changes in your life. She truly believes that you are the light, she supports you to trust your body’s power to self-heal and whilst feeling so deeply happy and relaxed as I do at the end of each treatment, I leave her healing hands feeling like the world is my oyster, open to the many miracles that can happen.