Summer flow to stay cool and stay connected…

Many people who join us for retreat feel low on energy, disconnected and often exhausted. In life, we are so quick to give our energy away, even from the moment we wake up and check our phones – to the moment we go to bed watching TV or clutching a glass of wine for dear life. We forget to connect back to ourselves; to drop back into our own heart space.

Try waking up a different way and see how you feel. Challenge yourself for 7 days… Here is a flow to support cultivating energy internally – and connecting back to your heart. Ultimately, your cup must be full before you can give to another, or you are giving form an empty space; which is neither authentic nor true.

When you wake up, before you check your phone or deal with another person’s energy, try to take a little time for yourself. This is not about following a set flow or routine. Try to come inside yourself and listen to what your body really needs.

1) Begin on your mat, cross-legged (if that’s comfortable or legs out if not) just breathing. Opening up the space inside yourself and letting the prana expand your internal space. Between the muscles and the bones and all your organs. Feel your heart beating and place your hand on your heart for at least 10 breaths to connect

2) With your eyes closed, begin to move your body. Try to feel your own internal rhythm – there is no right or wrong way to move, only the intention and the integrity of the movement is what counts. We suggest you begin by rolling your spine in circles around your pelvis. Use your inhale and exhale to guide the movement. Inhaling to lengthen forward and exhaling to press back through your should blades. Move in both directions for around 10 circles each way.

3) Come into an all 4’s position and begin your cat and cow spinal flexions. Inhaling to lift your heart and your tail-bone and exhale to press everything up up through your should blades. Visualise your belly button to spine connection throughout. You can really make this pose your own – see if you can find the sweet spots by pressing backwards and forwards, rolling your shoulders – really exploring this movement.

4) Push your way up into a downward dog – keep you dog moving by extending one leg and then the other – at the same speed as your inhale and exhale.  Take long deep breaths here, exploring this sense of 2 directions – your exhale connecting you to the earth and your inhale pressing your hips up towards the sky. Hollow your belly to feel the connection to your core and let your head be free. Take 20 breaths here, rest when you need to in child pose.

5) Coming back to a downward dog after your rest and then walking your feet towards your hands. Let everything go here, let your head, shoulders and your spine be free.

6) Finally by grounding through your feet, slowly slowly roll up vertebrae by vertebrae, as if you are placing one on top of the other. Keep your eyes closed and stay inside. Ground yourself, soften your knees and set your intention for the day by bringing your hands to prayer position in front of your heart.

Breathe deep and open your eyes. Greet the day. Namaste x

PS It really helps if you lay your yoga mat right down beside your bed so you literally have to step over it in the morning to get up! x