Casa Lakshmi Nourishment – Seasonal sumptuousness – food for the soul!

At Casa Lakshmi Luz we believe food must be magical and inspiring, for the eyes, the taste buds as well as the tummy.  With the nutritional quality of fresh, seasonal produce being far greater than anything that can be flown in from across the miles, Mother Nature offers just what the body needs for the season: so we stay with locally sourced and organic produce as much as possible.  Luckily for us (and for you!) Casa Lakshmi is  just 800 yards from Can Muson, one of Ibiza’s most loved organic farms, where we source succulent strawberries, ravishing radishes, lettuces and spinach so green, that just looking at them pumps your muscles full of fresh-vital power.

Yet it is more than simply plucking the perfect potatoes, zucchini or selecting the finest almonds for a delicious raw dessert, it is the intention with which our chefs create your brunches and suppers which is full of love and highly creative.   The way that the vegetables and fruits are prepared, sliced and diced with love and care, enables a higher release of nutrients and, when your salad (and fresh goats cheese) is from farm-to-table in less than 24 hours, the nutritional content, as well as the flavour could not be better.

Our chefs Mayla, Lisa, Maili, Chris and Dan are all artists in their own right.  Previously teachers, from yoga to public school, or simultaneously musicians and trance dancers, their presence in the kitchen is calm and nourishing in itself and they watch you, our wonderful clients, to see and hear and feel which flavours you savour, which vegan muffins or raw chocolate tars, fruit compotes with yoghurt will open your hearts.  They love to hear the “mmmmmmmm’s and ahhhhhhh’s” of surprise as our guests dine on vegetarian cuisine that delights even the most avid meat-eaters, under a vine-covered arbour, with twinkling fairy lights and a night-carpet of stars.

As your day begins, our sweet assistants set out chia pots and herbal teas, with mint, sage, rosemary or lemon and ginger, plucked from our herb-gardens, the chia pots light to digest and a perfect morning pick-you-up before the meditation and yoga begins.   Fresh fruit is added daily, with nuts to tweak throughout the day.  Post-yoga super-juices and smoothies are enjoyed on the deck, so that you can bask in the after-glow of your practice and return to brunch already gently satiated.

Brunch is a magnificent and abundant spread, from salads and savoury dishes to sweeter porridges, bircher mueslis and granolas, every egg of the day is different and we explore the finest island cheeses (cow dairy free) and whether its figs or persimmons, water melons or peaches, the fruit variations are flavour-packed in their simplicity.

And the three course supper at Casa Lakshmi Luz is a more sophisticated affair, plated and divinely orchestrated with the perfect “postre” to pique your pleasure.

So join us to retreat and explore the taste sensations and gourmet inspirations that are often so simple to make that, with the cookery books and recipes now available from our team, you really can make them yourself once you return back to life… to relive that seasonal sumptuousness once again.