Retreat of the Month – Restore, Rebalance & Rejuvenate

July 16th – 22nd 2016

If you are searching for a much needed release from the pressures of daily life, feeling burnt out and overwhelmed by the world and all its challenges, then join us for our yoga, fitness and eat clean retreat this July, lovingly created by Susie Howell, co director of Ibiza Retreats, and Lisa Strong, our expert nutritionist.

This retreat is for you if you are feeling a little unmotivated, tired, or lost and are looking to relight that spark, ignite your energy and bring back your zest for life.

Be assured that this is very much still a yoga retreat, with a fitness element smoothly included, just rather from the point of view of holistic wellness – opening our minds to the bigger picture. We will enjoy yoga every day – on the fitness mornings, it will take the form of an elongated stretch and meditation class – and then pure yoga flow for 3 days. In the evenings, we will have a yin style practise or a take part in beautiful hike through the beautiful Ibiza countryside.

This retreat has really been developed from Susie´s own personal journey, and her ever increasing awareness of the importance of a strong body in order to develop and deepen the yoga practise. Born from the understanding that yoga is very much about a philosophy for life, not just about the physical asana practises which move the body and the prana, but about all elements (and the 8 limbs of yoga) and how we choose to lead a more conscious existence. How being present and mindful can enhance our sense of well being in all elements of our life.

Daily deep flow yoga allows you to let go of tension and stress in the body. The flow is strong and can be challenging, yet the process of moving the body in conjunction with the breath (the vinyasa) and with total conscious awareness of the movement is incredibly nurturing for the body and can be adapted to all levels of experience. We focus on connecting you back to your body (again!)  and empowering you to establish a daily yoga practice – which can be incorporated both on and off the mat when you get home.

This is not a bootcamp, but an intelligent, conscious way to exercise. Our experienced trainer will take you through a range of techniques and practices, to help you find what feels right for you and your body – as we all know, everybody has a different story! Cultivate strength, confidence and body awareness – for LIFE!

The juices, smoothies and brunch will be prepared by our Host and qualified Nutritionist Lisa. The food will be locally and seasonally sourced with a variety of dishes to suit all tastes. It will be predominately vegetarian, with maybe a little local fish if we like what we see at the market that day!

Note, vegetarians and vegans also catered for. Lisa will also be providing nutrition tips and information throughout the week to support your journey to optimal health – and especially for when you get back to your home reality. In the evening we provide a 2 course meal prepared by our private chef.

Come and join us to allow yourself to truly shine this summertime. Email to reserve your heartspace TODAY.