Send JOY to the world this Christmas!

‘Tis the season to be jolly! And at perhaps the most poignant time for humanity, that our peer group has experienced yet, let’s send joy to the whole of the world. Let’s unify this Christmas time and send good vibes, positive wishes, hopeful prayers, medicine songs and empowering dances, heartfelt meditations and dedicated yoga practices to truly spread love and peace, from our inner-self to our inner-circles, to the greater circles of our wider communities.

Whatever you feel most ‘called’ to do, whether in the privacy of your own home, through the emails at work, or in your local yoga studio, let’s step up and use our shakti power energy to truly do something for the greater good of others, to donate time and energy. When there is so much waste and all the plastic that makes the packaging simply polluting our precious world, why not give gifts instead through charitable organisations instead? From supporting the floods of refugees, to Oxfam’s alternative Christmas gifts, chickens and cows for Masai families in drought-stricken Northern Kenya – there are many conscious gift choices to be made.

Karma yoga is selfless giving. This is one of the paths to inner peace, learning to give for the sake of giving. Just imagine, how good would it feel to receive a selfless gift in your stocking? Rather than a pair of socks or a not-really-needed gadget, what about the donation of a goat to provide milk for a family rebuilding their lives after a flood swept away their homes?

Yoga, meditation and all spiritual practices are a true pathway to inner peace. As the Dalai Lama recently said in one of his Facebook posts, prayer and positive thoughts are not enough. We have to take action, by creating peace within ourselves and this will spread peace throughout the world. So give and receive consciously this Christmas, rather than choosing throwaway plastic toys and soon-to-be-last-season fashion statements. Make conscious purchasing choices that bring you a sense of inner peace: a tent for Nepalese earthquake victims or for a struggling Syrian family, and help change people’s lives for the better, forever… not just for Christmas.