Featured retreat: New Year & Spring Retreats

Be part of the inner peace movement! Rather than succumbing to the ambient anxieties of pushing yourself too hard, why not break the cycle of working-to-make-ends-meet, or doing overtime to people-please? We welcome you to take charge of your own time and energy, to become ecological in how you invest in your self. Is it time to pursue your passion for spiritual evolution? Come develop your own tools for growth, healing and rejuvenation!

Our March retreats – Get Glowing, Boutique Yoga and Detox and Just Stop Lifestyle Detox – encourage you to cleanse and purify in body, heart and mind so you can enjoy plenty of fresh spring energy and totally revitalise.

A typical day on retreat includes:

8am – Pre-yoga chia-power-pots, herbal teas, silence… ssssssh!

9am – Morning meditation
9.30am – Yoga and breathwork in the Peace Garden at Casa Lakshmi
11.30am – Superjuices

12pm – Buffet brunch served under the hanging flower garden

1pm – Treatments, therapies, you-time, siestas, walks and beach time
5.30pm – Something else wellnessy, lovely, fun and happy!

6pm – Voicessence, MET (emotional freedom technique), Reiki and self-healing or other lovely experiential workshops

7.30pm – Supper under the stars and sweet dreams…

All of our retreats are tailor-made to suit your needs, so in the middle of the day, after the delicious abundant brunch, you can relax and surrender into the healing hands of our world-class team of therapists and healers. Do less…. Just be! And afterwards, take a little siesta perhaps, followed by more herbal teas and a nourishing tiffin snack. Or a walk amongst the orange blossom, or the soothing scent of rosemary and pine-trees…

We are so happy and excited to be soft-launching our very own retreat centre, Casa Lakshmi, in March 2016. In fact our Get Glowing Retreat will be our very first retreat in our new, magical abode, a secret sanctuary in a serene valley with dedicated treatment temples, a yoga-peace garden and orange groves. We are offering you an early bird discount of 100€ off all bookings for our March retreats if you book before January 15, 2016 – so be sure to reserve your space!