Bodywork with Karen Kelly

As well as being an incredibly talented bodyworker, Karen Kelly descends from an ancient Irish lineage of those who bear witness to past, present and future. She was born with a natural gift she has nurtured and honed ever since she was a young child. With a true respect and awareness of the challenges and opportunities of life over existence, Karen is gentle and true in her approach and methods.

Her earliest training with her grandmother, renowned for sitting with the sick and those passing, helped develop a respect for guiding others and acting as a conduit for healing.

“It’s not just about giving a treatment, it is about the client having an experience,” she says. “Through my hands I connect with the person on many levels, through my hands I feel what the client needs, bringing synergy and peace for their body, their mind and their energy. There are so many external distractions that they tend to drown out our internal sense of self, once reconnected to ourselves we can create a sense of calm and well-being.”

Karen works with intuition and intention; encouraging synergy of mind, body and soul through working to restore balance, reviving connection with Divine Source, realigning inner spiritual life and outer life with each other and re-awakening compassion for self and a renewed sense of purpose.

We are lucky enough that Karen has chosen to make her home in Ibiza – where she feels she can develop her intuitive work to an even deeper level.