5 Keys to an eternal glowing smile

1. Choose happiness
Yes really, how would it be to make choices day to day, from moment to moment that truly please you.     What would life be like if you began, right now, to feel into what brings you pleasure (rather than pressure) for the rest of the day.  What will you do differently? What will the benefits be?
2. Allow others to be unhappy (sometimes) too
Some of us are “uplifters” – and probably, because you are reading this blog, you are an “uplifter-of-others” by nature too.  Yet this is sometimes to the detriment of the bright shiny heart that you are.  The vital key here is to allow others to be responsible for their happiness… you can shine the way and show them ways to live their happiness by authentically living yours.  Sometimes this may mean accepting that friends and family simply don’t feel or act in ways that make them happy, you can offer them suggestions, take them to the “joyful life” banquet, offer intros to yoga, meditations, teachers and therapists – yet they need to choose to think and feel differently.  And allowing them their journeys, allows them to feel empowered through the process too.
3. Eat and drink wisely to juice up your human machine
If the body is the structure in which your spirit resides, how can you listen to your body and eat the right amounts and the right foods from day to day?  It is just like putting premium petrol into a car, or, even better perhaps, is the metaphor, of moving over onto green energy to drive your motor.  How can you shop and eat consciously? From locally sourced seasonal produce being best and most full of goodness.  How can you inject plenty of nutritious, empowering greens?
4. Think and talk with kindness
“Ahimsa” is the first of the yamas and niyamas – the rules and observances of the 8 limbs of hatha yoga.   “Ahimsa” means non-violence – or in essence, “gentleness” and “kindness”.  Observe the difference in your body and your energy levels when you choose thoughts, beliefs and words that resonate kindness and gentleness.  Notice the kinder and gentler responses from the world around you to you.
5. Stop pushing…. set your Sankalpa (intention) and then…. allow, allow, allow
Anyone who has read the books of Abraham Hicks knows that the law of attraction is all about setting your intention and then dropping any attachment to the end result.   Instead, focus your awareness on the day to day joy of your experiences, choosing pleasurable interactions and communications, focussing on the positive aspects and juicy jewels of learning of even the darker moments.    This present-moment awareness will bring you more “into the now” where you can rest more in the life state of “trust” which opens you up to allow, allow, allow all of the GOOD things in life to flow to you.
Welcome to experiencing a sustainable inner and outer smile!