Meditation: It’s all about headspace

Do you often feel exhausted or overwhelmed by the many stipulations of modern life? How often do you connect with your self… or is your iPhone where you find yourself spending most time connecting?

Creating headspace through meditation enables you to reconnect with your inner, more peaceful sentient self. Scientifically proven to reduce mental and physical stress symptoms (from tight shoulders to migraines), meditation boasts powerful positive healing benefits for those suffering from depression.

There are many people out there who feel they are too impatient to meditate. But why not at least give it a try? Just seven days can create a change so beautiful and beneficial that you will be compelled to explore further…

1. Keep it simple! Begin with 10-minute meditations and avoid placing and pressure in yourself to ‘do it right’. The ultimate goals of meditation may be to experience a welcome space of silence from the chattering monkey mind, to allow deeper insights to arise and to reestablish a deeper sense of connection, yet to meditate with a focus on achievement places an unnecessary mental pressure on the process. Since mental pressure is what you want to decrease, why not embrace the yogic recognition that there are many stages and types of meditation, all of which are valid when done consciously and can bring many health-enhancing, inner-peace promoting benefits?

2. Set a clear intention and just brrrreaaathe. Set your space up the night before. If possible, create a dedicated space to sit at each time you meditate, this helps create a healthy habit within your unconscious mind. Buy a candle, mat or cushion and light a candle to set a Sankalpa (soul felt intention) for your morning meditation. Then set your alarm for 10 minutes from now, so you can trust and let go. Every time the mind wanders, gently bring it back to focus on your breathing. Avoid judging yourself and simply observe thoughts and feelings as they arise without getting attached to them.

3. Create mini headspace breaks throughout your day. Business leaders are recognising the value in this. Take five minutes away from the screen, sitting calmly with your hands on your belly, focusing on your breath to massively increase your clarity and efficiency. For headspace on public transport or when driving a car, download this superb app:

And to end your day? Brush your emotional teeth and release the mental charge that can get trapped in your nervous system by taking five minutes to exhale the stresses and any anxieties and repeat the morning practice of lighting a candle and focusing on your breathing. The trust in life begins to open up as your mind has less hold over you, worries and anxieties diminish and you begin to feel more inner peace as you become more centered and present!

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