Yoga, bodywork & healing from the heart with Nora Belton 

Nora is a true island woman, having been in Ibiza for over 30 years. She began her yoga classes in San Antonio when it still felt like a village and swiftly grew a strong female following. Once known as the ‘tofu lady’ in Ibiza, Nora’s own journey, through Ashrams and many layers of massage, cranio-sacral therapy and integrated bodywork training, enables her to offer retreat guests and private clients alike wealth of life experience to draw inspiration from. She readily shares her journey and serves from the heart.

As a Reiki Master Nora works intuitively to clear blockages and help you open your heart. She offers a fabulous one and a half hour integrated rejuvenation, using her Yoga Therapy training to enable her to understand your body, the links between emotional and physical patterns and the issues that arise. Both diagnostic in her ability and with the power and experience to help you dive deep into profound levels of release and healing, Nora’s comprehensive one-to-one care always leaves us feeling relieved, refreshed and light.

Ibiza Retreats are so grateful to share her wisdom and guidance during our Pure Yoga Retreats. For those yogis lucky enough to receive her guidance on the mat, expect a flowing vinyasa experience, with yoga therapy techniques integrated to tailor the practice to individual needs.  Nora teaches so effortlessly, that you will find yourself opening up with new fluidity, connecting breath and physical form in new ways, her dancers body inspiring you to experience greater grace and ease.

We love Nora’s Kirtan too! A talented singer and guitarist, she loves to share melodic mantras during the Pure Yoga Retreats to help you raise your vibrations and open your throat chakra – expect to laugh, sing and share new levels of opening! So whether you want to deepen your yogic practice, as an experienced yogi to refine your personal practice or teaching techniques or simply need to surrender to her touch as you lie back and receive, Nora offers something for everyone…  and as a great meditation leader she reminds us, it’s all about opening your mind to receive!

Read more about Nora here or contact Ibiza Retreats to book into a Pure Yoga Retreat, or to benefit from one of Nora’s signature bodywork, cranio-sacral and energy releasing sessions.