Yoga for daily life: Practice to survive the festive season!

‘Tis is the season to be merry, but of course, this comes at a price! The over-indulgence, hangovers, family stresses and that feeling of sluggish-ness once it’s all over. So why not try a pre-tox? Set yourself up to make healthy choices this year – here are some tips to help you do just that as we enter the silly season.

1) Breathe more. I know we always say it, but breathing exercises can enhance you feelings of grounding, wellbeing and overall health. When you feel stressed or compromised (or when you are reaching for that extra glass of wine!), close your eyes, breath deeply, relax your face, neck and shoulders. Repeat five times and then see how you feel. Better!

2) Keep up your practice. The routine of your practice will help to ground and anchor you. Ritual is good – so try to keep up your classes, or set times for your practice. Create your own little temple space wherever you go and wherever you are to help you do this. Set your intentions daily – the intention to make the healthy choice. To do things which are ‘kind’ to ourselves (remember over-indulging and hangovers are the opposite of that!).

3) Relax. It’s important in the midst of all the running around to take time for yourself. Get your legs up the wall (we swear it’s a miracle for the nervous system, this one!) or lie in Savasana with a cushion under your knees. As you lie in your chosen position, let any stresses, tensions drift away with every exhale. Systemically become aware of different parts of your body and see if you can melt the tension away in that particular area. Don’t try to control your mind, but do try to remain as present as you can.

Finally! Enjoy and have fun too…