EASING out of Lockdown…

Support to ride those human-evolution waves…

By Larah Davis, Founder and Co-Director of Ibiza Retreats

As country by country, the world begins to open up its flight routes again, how are you feeling, deep in your belly?

 Are you feeling ready to live better, happier, healthier from the learnings of this Global Pause?
Here are 5 keys to support you to Ease out of Lockdown – and ride the human-evolution waves
1. Get grounded – you deserve to feel safe and WELL in your own skin!
Are you feeling as safe and clear and strong as you deserve to?
The “collective conscious” can have a positive or negative impact on how you are feeling.  This is the “energy field” between you and everyone else around you…  in your community, in your online communities and this energy passes through emails, whatsap groups and facebook newsfeeds.
So every day – begin your day – not on the phone or social media, but by sitting on the earth and taking 5 deep breaths from your heart, to your belly to the earth.
Affirm by TAPPING into your thymus gland: “I am safe, I am well, I am strong”
2. Get centered into your own personal power! 
Choose what you are listening to and reading to begin your days with a positive, loving and empowering foundation before reaching out into the outer world for other information.
Get out of your head and into your body by stepping out of bed consciously and entering yourself.
Ground into your feet and inhale your arms above your help, press your palms together and exhale your hands back to your heart to find your center again.
Repeat during the day whenever you need to restore equilibrium.
3. Breathe deep and Choose information that helps you feel Strong, Well and Good
Inhale deeply and exhale even more deeply when you are reading ANY information coming through – from friends/family/news stories.
Yes it is important to stay “awake and aware:.
Yet even more important is YOUR WELLBEING FIRST – so whether you choose to believe it or not –  “be strong” to whatever comes your way.
Rather than letting it affect you in a fearful or unbalancing way.
Remember – The choice is YOURS (and you have the free will to believe or not believe, to listen or to change the channel to beautiful healing music!)
4. Reflect and Rewire! 
Have you gathered the insights and learnings from the enforced Global Pause to be able to re-emerge wiser, clearer and with “reset” priorities that focus first on your health, happiness and overall wellbeing – and that of your family, friends and mother nature?
This re-emergence is a phenomenal opportunity – to ride the waves of transformation that began when we had to sit still, turn inwards and navigate our inner-terrirotires.
Because when you can note down what you have noticed, about what felt new, or good in this Global Pause, what enabled your body and your nervous system – and maybe even your mind – to relax in ways you had forgotten…. you can Rewire your mind to focus on the way you WANT to approach life, your friendships, your social interactions, your family time, your working life – from a place of integration.   Where you have integrated YOUR truth, your needs, how you are feeling day to day, with what you choose to share with the outside world.
5. Lets go slow – and TRUST in life’s flow
There has been so much breaking down of old ways…. systems, businesses, old ways of living, expectations and relationships
Trust is a seed that we need to plant deep once again
Plant it with your intention “I trust in life”.
Cultivate Trust by proactively appreciating all the positive aspects of these challenging times, all the knowledge and learnings that have arisen.
Now go slow to deepen the connection to your self – your innate wisdom and those “quiet messages” from your intuition which will help you trust in life’s flow and allow the universe – through friends, family and synchronistic situations, ensure that your needs can be met.
It is a practice. to ease out of lockdown in the way that serves YOU – so that you can also choose to SERVE the world, by being a LIVING part of this HUMAN R-EVOLUTION – by honouring yourself, your intuition and your truth.
Day by day.
It is a practice….
And we are here, via whatsap, email and phone, to support you!
Feeling wobbly? Needing support through this transition?
Larah and Susie are offering 1:1 Zooms to clear the fears and anxieties and help you clarify YOUR path forward, integrating Quantum Coaching, Breathwork and Yoga Therapy.
You can email info@ibizaretreats.com for more information, or call us if you want to chat to a friendly human voice for all the details on 0034 663 093 499.
Or join our R-Evolution Retreat in September – where Larah and Susie will be with you as your co-creator life-guides!
Lets hold hearts and hands and KNOW that our WORLD is WELL and we are ALL on this transformational ride!