Self-care and healing

Self-care is much more than treating yourself to a lovely holiday or a new pair of shoes. It’s about taking care of our internal and emotional sides – like learning self-acceptance and compassion for ourselves, plus seeking and nurturing internal validation for who we are and why. So why do we feel so guilty about doing it?

There is a huge difference between narcissism and self-absorbed behaviour and sound internal self-care. It’s true that when you yourself are ’empty’, you have less to share with those around you – family and friends, work and so on. We look at self-care as taking care of our own feelings so we don’t project those onto others, act without integrity or cause problems in our relationships. Being in touch with our own feelings and embracing them is the healthiest thing we can do.

Ibiza Retreats Top 3 Tips for Self-Care
1) Check in with yourself daily – we cannot stress enough the importance of the daily ritual and practice to recognise exactly how you are feeling and to start to read the signs.
2) Identify what activities help you feel your best – everyone is different, but what makes you feel alive? And happy?
3) Take care of yourself physically. Exercise and nutrition are vital. Treat your body with respect and reap the benefits.
4) Surround yourself with great people who raise your vibration and are positive and upbeat.
5) Remember that self-care is non-negotiable. It is in fact a necessity for living a healthy and rewarding life.

As we learn better self-care, we become better people. When we are in touch with our own feelings, we can feels others so much more and show them love and empathy. If we are filling our own cups with self-respect and loving care, we have so much more to give to our friends, families and in fact, the world!