Our favourite late summer spots for yoga, meditation and swimming

As the seasons change our bodies also change, moving with the seasons in order to create balance within us. Having a daily practice can serve as the grounding force or anchor to help us flow smoothly in times of transition or change. Here are some tips you can incorporate into your practice as we ease into autumn in Ibiza.

* Start and end your practice with an awareness of your foundation, paying particular attention to your feet – including the subtleties and details of the toes – and imagining them fully grounded into the earth.

* Make your practice nurturing – flowing through poses with a sense of lightness and incorporating restorative postures in your practice can really help this. Invest in a block and place it under your sacrum towards the end of every practice in supported bridge pose.

* Incorporate balance poses into every practice to build your sense of grounding and increase you physical (and so spiritual!) balance.

* Meditate! End your practice with a seated meditation before you come into savasana. Focus on your breath and visualise yourself as balanced and grounded.

The practice of yoga shifts and moves energy. It also increases blood flow to our organs and cells, creating physical benefits such an increased immune system and a stronger body, in addition to being mentally focusing and grounding. If you begin to see your practice as a part of your daily routine – just like brushing your teeth or taking a shower – then you can begin to look forward to your practice because you know exactly how good you feel afterwards!