Ibiza’s first Ayurvedic Centre opening now in Atzaro Spa

The ancient holistic science of Ayurveda is now available in Ibiza in the beautiful spa of Atzaro.   You have the opportunity to receive a consultation from the  Ayurvedic doctor (a minimum of 7 years of studies are necessary…), Dr. Mahesh Patil ( M.D.), who has his own clinics in India. He  used to work in various European countries including Spain, Germany, Austria and more) to propagate the Ayurvedic science. He is also an Ayurvedic teacher in the Tel Aviv University, in Israel and soon will go to USA for the same purpose. You now no longer need to travel to Kerala to benefit from this wonderful natural medical science.

So how does it work?

There are 8 arms of Ayurva which include massage and oil treatments, internal purgation treatments, “Dara” hot oil treatments, herbal applications and ingestions, yoga, meditation and other participatory practices that deepen and extend the benefits.

Well… it begins with a one-to-one analysis. On the first day, Dr Mahesh Patil will analyze your personal “Prakruti” and “Vikriti”, constitution-body type and will detect any imbalances by video-conference on “Skype” with India.

He then creates a prescriptive program of Ayurvedic treatments to be taken as well as the medicinal plants you should take according to your physical and mental condition.

The day after day, Claudine Pinet a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner who graduated from the International Academy of Ayurveda from Pune, India, will provide you with the appropriate treatments proposed by Dr. Mahesh Patil. The initial schedule may evolve according to the way your body reacts to the treatments.

So how can Ayurveda Benefit me?

Treatments are prescriptive – and very flexible: according to the first consultation some treatments may be replaced by others, for example:

* Intense rejuvenating programs – for boosting vital energy: Snehapana and Virechana may be recommended as well as other treatments

* Anti-cellulite – anti obesity may include Jambira pinda sweda, lepana and Udvartana, Niruha basti.

* And to relieve the pain and discomfort of arthritis:  We will add more Shashtic pinda sweda, Sneha basti.

* If you are interested in an anti-depression and anti-stress program: They may propose more Shirodhara , Sneha basti , Nasya, Shiro-abhyanga , Pada-abhyanga.

You can even experience an intense detoxification for those who would like to be helped by Ayurveda to free themselves from addictions. This is a very specific and long-term treatment. A precise consultation will have to be done with the doctor: the healing of toxicity being one of the 8 specific Ayurvedic branches.

Sessions of introduction to Ayurveda and its philosophy, online lectures, discussions as well as books and movies on Ayurveda will be offered and recommended so that you better understand the treatments you receive.

Opportunities of doing Yoga, Pranayama and meditation practices are part of the Ayurvedic way of living and healing, will be proposed on request.

Want to know more? Interested in finding out what those treatments are all about?

Just let us know and we will put you in touch with the Ayurvedic Centre at Atzaro.

Ayurvedic vegetarian food according to your specific constitution will also be provided on request.

A great specificity from our centre is that we prepare ourselves the Ayurvedic oils with plants directly coming from India, according to the ancestral rules, so that the entire power of the plants can be preserved.

This preparation of the medicated oils is a very long, subtle and complex process; that is why the cost of certain treatments may seem expensive, but this is the necessary condition to get authentic effective treatments.

At the beginning of the cure, you will receive a special personal booklet with some basic Ayurvedic information in which you will be able to write day after day your own experiences during the treatments.

Some chronic conditions will need very long treatments, when light imbalances can be rectified quite easily…

We wish you a very pleasant time with us in the Atzaro Ayurvedic centre and we will always try to give you the best conditions and treatments to re-establish balance, and therefore health, joy and spirit’s clarity in your life.