Featured retreat: Post-Party Purification

Ibiza is an island of hedonism, and Ibiza Retreats encourages you to have fun, and let us help you find balance. So if you dance in high heels all night and enjoy a few drinks, then go barefoot all day and replenish with green juice whilst our world class team of therapists ease away your headaches and post party pains.

7am – Watch sunrise and then take your weary, but fun-filled body to bed!
12pm -Wake up and refresh with a green detoxifying juice and a full body massage by the pool
2-7pm – Relax all day and enjoy a mini wellness session and a mini reflexology session to replenish the organs
2-7pm – Massages and treatments
7pm – Gentle yoga and breathwork session to bring you back into your body and encourage a gentle detoxifying sweat
9pm – Healthy dinner under the stars
11pm – Go out and dance all night again. Or just get a good night’s rest. Sweet dreams!

On the Post-Party Purification retreat you can also enjoy some wholesome island activities such as an afternoon on a speedboat if you want an energy buzz, or a sunset hike and clifftop meditation if you prefer a more calm end to your day. We can tailor this experience to your needs and wishes. No judgement, just healing hands!

Upgrade your experience with a full juice cleanse after all the partying – to send you home glowing! We can find your perfect vila for you – or we can add this package onto your own villa accommodation. Your retreat, your choice.

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