Reflexology and massage with Dee Netto

Dee Netto, originally from South Africa, first came to Ibiza via London and fell immediately in love with the free spirit of the island. A qualified beautician, reflexologist and masseuse, softly spoken and with a heart committed to enabling wellbeing for all, her gentle, grounded presence relaxes and reassures you immediately…

Vibrational healing with Georgina Withers

If you are feeling out of balance, in a downward emotional spiral, spiritually low or have an illness or physical issue that classical medicine can neither diagnose nor treat, perhaps it is time to explore the subtle yet powerful world of Vibrational Medicine. This cutting-edge alternative medicine heals deeply, yet gently at the source… you have to feel it to believe it.

Georgina Withers, a student for many years of the renowned Derek Talbot, Ibiza’s leading light in naturopathic medicine and vibrational healing, began her healing journey in the UK, when, with her own hair and beauty salon, her kidneys gave up: she was completely burnt out. Studying and applying Reiki saved her and also called her to share her own gifts for bodywork and energy healing on a greater scale.  She was drawn to the white island and became swiftly renowned as a superb hands-on therapist, yet her own journey of self-development, mentored by Derek, journeying frequently to deep her studies, has taken her far deeper.

With her own practice for many years now, Georgina’s faithful following extoll the benefits of checking in for a seasonal ‘shift’ – beginning with her diagnostic assessment of the key issue, that lies at the source of all of the superficial symptoms. She creates a personalised ‘remedy’, in a base oil, that combines the vibrational essences of the natural remedies centrifuged together by her special machine, in a base of almond oil or alcohol. This is gently applied to different parts of your body – perhaps the thymus, solar plexus and sacrum. Georgina then supports your physical system to dissolve associated held blockages, expertly combining Reiki and soothing massage, with supportive breathwork and energy release.

It’s not just for adults – Georgina’s skills also work wonders with kids! As one island mother testified: “My son had been experiencing great pain and screaming episodes, with Georgina’s loving and compassionate care, he quickly relaxed to receive her dowsing diagnosis that his gall bladder was imbalanced and that it was hereditary. Whilst she applied vibrational essence oils , his whole system relaxed, and I found out from my husband that she was spot on – the gall bladder problem had come from his family line.”

Whether you want to rebalance your hormones, heal deeply held traumas, boost your immune system or investigate the deeper cause of a repetitive strain, Georgina’s mastery, as we feel it, is not only in her intuitive information gathering, her systemic professional approach or brilliant bodywork to aid your deeper physical release, Her work is heartfelt – she simply loves to share her wisdom. The space she creates, with a warm bed, soft music and calm atmosphere, enables you, the lucky recipient to know you are safe to let go – and let the vibration healing take place.

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Total realignment for body, mind and soul with Ranjith Chambers

Total realignment for body, mind and soul with Ranjith Chambers
So much more than a traditional osteopath, Ranjith is a dedicated healer, intuitive masseur and cranio-sacral expert who fuses his many tools into personalised one and a half to two-hour treatments that realign you at every level. Instinctive and compassionate, Ranjith lets the body guide his hands. Waiting patiently, he encourages you and your body to trust him as he allows your body’s intelligence to give him signs that each muscle group is ready to release, the hips ready to be realigned.

Ranjith gives a new name to realignment – from your skeleton and pelvis to joints out of place due to long-held muscular tension. He can even reposition your organs! Ibiza Retreats’ founder Larah’s bladder had been displaced when giving birth and she had no idea, until Ranjith gently yet confidently repositioned her bladder and her uterus too. Accidents and especially pregnancy move the inner-world around more than most medical analytics recognize, so it is only logical the organs need to be carefully rebalanced afterwards.

Ranjith’s healing hands enable the release of tension held in the myofascial tissues that connect every internal element (from bones and muscles to ligaments and organs), sending chain reactions throughout your whole being. You should expect to feel hit by a bus the next day after your first treatment! But don’t resist it – this is simply your whole somatic being, your body, mind and spirit, ‘letting go’. This is an authentic relaxation and realignment experience – and trust us, feelings of peace and clarity come with it.

Ranjith’s work is completely holistic. He features as the centrepoint of the Ibiza Retreats MOT Retreats for Body, Mind and Spirit, integrating his deep physiological knowledge and expertise with personalised prescriptions for health and fitness (Ranjith is also a superb personal trainer) and vital nutritional guidance. Sharing the Ibiza Retreats empowerment philosophy, Ranjith is committed to empowering you to create healthy patterns in every area of your life to enable you to feel balanced, strong and whole.

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Yoga, bodywork & healing from the heart with Nora Belton 

Nora is a true island woman, having been in Ibiza for over 30 years. She began her yoga classes in San Antonio when it still felt like a village and swiftly grew a strong female following. Once known as the ‘tofu lady’ in Ibiza, Nora’s own journey, through Ashrams and many layers of massage, cranio-sacral therapy and integrated bodywork training, enables her to offer retreat guests and private clients alike wealth of life experience to draw inspiration from. She readily shares her journey and serves from the heart.

As a Reiki Master Nora works intuitively to clear blockages and help you open your heart. She offers a fabulous one and a half hour integrated rejuvenation, using her Yoga Therapy training to enable her to understand your body, the links between emotional and physical patterns and the issues that arise. Both diagnostic in her ability and with the power and experience to help you dive deep into profound levels of release and healing, Nora’s comprehensive one-to-one care always leaves us feeling relieved, refreshed and light.

Ibiza Retreats are so grateful to share her wisdom and guidance during our Pure Yoga Retreats. For those yogis lucky enough to receive her guidance on the mat, expect a flowing vinyasa experience, with yoga therapy techniques integrated to tailor the practice to individual needs.  Nora teaches so effortlessly, that you will find yourself opening up with new fluidity, connecting breath and physical form in new ways, her dancers body inspiring you to experience greater grace and ease.

We love Nora’s Kirtan too! A talented singer and guitarist, she loves to share melodic mantras during the Pure Yoga Retreats to help you raise your vibrations and open your throat chakra – expect to laugh, sing and share new levels of opening! So whether you want to deepen your yogic practice, as an experienced yogi to refine your personal practice or teaching techniques or simply need to surrender to her touch as you lie back and receive, Nora offers something for everyone…  and as a great meditation leader she reminds us, it’s all about opening your mind to receive!

Read more about Nora here or contact Ibiza Retreats to book into a Pure Yoga Retreat, or to benefit from one of Nora’s signature bodywork, cranio-sacral and energy releasing sessions.

Holistic Life Coaching with Larah Davis

After meeting a Guru in New York in 1999, Larah began to actively question her life purpose. She let her intuition be her guide, and followed a calling to Sydney, Australia in 2000, where she was invited to develop a Life Transformations Company by a leading Coach and NLP Trainer who introduced her to the transformative, life-enhancing tool kits of Life Coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Feeling profoundly inspired, Larah began studying Coaching and NLP, alongside energetic and spiritual healing, transformative breathwork, yoga and meditation. When a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer, Larah saw and felt the powerful healing possibilities of this evolving holistic tool kit as her friend began to eat again, play the piano and reconnect with life’s possibilities.

Larah has continued to study, practice and teach for private clients, small businesses, entrepreneurs in London and since 2007, in Ibiza, within the wellbeing organisation that she founded, Ibiza Retreats. With a gentle and nurturing approach, Larah empowers you to set yourself free, from limiting patterns, past stories and negative beliefs. Larah begins with the mind and brings you into your breath and your body, supporting you to release deeper energetic, emotional and physical blockages.

Her clients say they feel deeply nurtured and loved – safe to explore the truths of their inner-world, to address their fears and explore their potential. She supports you to embrace yourself as a holistic being – to learn from life’s challenges, to see the darkness as well as the light and most of all, to fully embrace your dreams. As Larah says: “Where attention goes – energy flows.”

Whether dealing with relationship challenges, or at a crossroads, feeling blocked, rundown or needing new inspiration, expect to experience renewed energy, clear focus for how to invest it, tools and techniques for living in balance, harmony and more deeply connected to your purpose and path forward in life.

Larah leads the Ibiza Retreats Just Stop! Retreats and co-hosts the Get Glowing and Pure Yoga Retreats with Susie Howell and the Ibiza Retreats Team. She gives one to one holistic wellness coaching and energy coaching sessions, teaches rejuvenating hatha flow yoga and guides groups on a profound and uplifting journey together. Book her special 1.5-hour transformative coaching sessions with NLP to release blockages, connect with your purpose and see your path forward with greater peace and clarity, or opt for private yoga and yoga therapy sessions in your home or holiday villa.

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