Holistic Life Coaching with Larah Davis

After meeting a Guru in New York in 1999, Larah began to actively question her life purpose. She let her intuition be her guide, and followed a calling to Sydney, Australia in 2000, where she was invited to develop a Life Transformations Company by a leading Coach and NLP Trainer who introduced her to the transformative, life-enhancing tool kits of Life Coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

Feeling profoundly inspired, Larah began studying Coaching and NLP, alongside energetic and spiritual healing, transformative breathwork, yoga and meditation. When a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer, Larah saw and felt the powerful healing possibilities of this evolving holistic tool kit as her friend began to eat again, play the piano and reconnect with life’s possibilities.

Larah has continued to study, practice and teach for private clients, small businesses, entrepreneurs in London and since 2007, in Ibiza, within the wellbeing organisation that she founded, Ibiza Retreats. With a gentle and nurturing approach, Larah empowers you to set yourself free, from limiting patterns, past stories and negative beliefs. Larah begins with the mind and brings you into your breath and your body, supporting you to release deeper energetic, emotional and physical blockages.

Her clients say they feel deeply nurtured and loved – safe to explore the truths of their inner-world, to address their fears and explore their potential. She supports you to embrace yourself as a holistic being – to learn from life’s challenges, to see the darkness as well as the light and most of all, to fully embrace your dreams. As Larah says: “Where attention goes – energy flows.”

Whether dealing with relationship challenges, or at a crossroads, feeling blocked, rundown or needing new inspiration, expect to experience renewed energy, clear focus for how to invest it, tools and techniques for living in balance, harmony and more deeply connected to your purpose and path forward in life.

Larah leads the Ibiza Retreats Just Stop! Retreats and co-hosts the Get Glowing and Pure Yoga Retreats with Susie Howell and the Ibiza Retreats Team. She gives one to one holistic wellness coaching and energy coaching sessions, teaches rejuvenating hatha flow yoga and guides groups on a profound and uplifting journey together. Book her special 1.5-hour transformative coaching sessions with NLP to release blockages, connect with your purpose and see your path forward with greater peace and clarity, or opt for private yoga and yoga therapy sessions in your home or holiday villa.

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