Vibrational healing with Georgina Withers

If you are feeling out of balance, in a downward emotional spiral, spiritually low or have an illness or physical issue that classical medicine can neither diagnose nor treat, perhaps it is time to explore the subtle yet powerful world of Vibrational Medicine. This cutting-edge alternative medicine heals deeply, yet gently at the source… you have to feel it to believe it.

Georgina Withers, a student for many years of the renowned Derek Talbot, Ibiza’s leading light in naturopathic medicine and vibrational healing, began her healing journey in the UK, when, with her own hair and beauty salon, her kidneys gave up: she was completely burnt out. Studying and applying Reiki saved her and also called her to share her own gifts for bodywork and energy healing on a greater scale.  She was drawn to the white island and became swiftly renowned as a superb hands-on therapist, yet her own journey of self-development, mentored by Derek, journeying frequently to deep her studies, has taken her far deeper.

With her own practice for many years now, Georgina’s faithful following extoll the benefits of checking in for a seasonal ‘shift’ – beginning with her diagnostic assessment of the key issue, that lies at the source of all of the superficial symptoms. She creates a personalised ‘remedy’, in a base oil, that combines the vibrational essences of the natural remedies centrifuged together by her special machine, in a base of almond oil or alcohol. This is gently applied to different parts of your body – perhaps the thymus, solar plexus and sacrum. Georgina then supports your physical system to dissolve associated held blockages, expertly combining Reiki and soothing massage, with supportive breathwork and energy release.

It’s not just for adults – Georgina’s skills also work wonders with kids! As one island mother testified: “My son had been experiencing great pain and screaming episodes, with Georgina’s loving and compassionate care, he quickly relaxed to receive her dowsing diagnosis that his gall bladder was imbalanced and that it was hereditary. Whilst she applied vibrational essence oils , his whole system relaxed, and I found out from my husband that she was spot on – the gall bladder problem had come from his family line.”

Whether you want to rebalance your hormones, heal deeply held traumas, boost your immune system or investigate the deeper cause of a repetitive strain, Georgina’s mastery, as we feel it, is not only in her intuitive information gathering, her systemic professional approach or brilliant bodywork to aid your deeper physical release, Her work is heartfelt – she simply loves to share her wisdom. The space she creates, with a warm bed, soft music and calm atmosphere, enables you, the lucky recipient to know you are safe to let go – and let the vibration healing take place.

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