Total realignment for body, mind and soul with Ranjith Chambers

Total realignment for body, mind and soul with Ranjith Chambers
So much more than a traditional osteopath, Ranjith is a dedicated healer, intuitive masseur and cranio-sacral expert who fuses his many tools into personalised one and a half to two-hour treatments that realign you at every level. Instinctive and compassionate, Ranjith lets the body guide his hands. Waiting patiently, he encourages you and your body to trust him as he allows your body’s intelligence to give him signs that each muscle group is ready to release, the hips ready to be realigned.

Ranjith gives a new name to realignment – from your skeleton and pelvis to joints out of place due to long-held muscular tension. He can even reposition your organs! Ibiza Retreats’ founder Larah’s bladder had been displaced when giving birth and she had no idea, until Ranjith gently yet confidently repositioned her bladder and her uterus too. Accidents and especially pregnancy move the inner-world around more than most medical analytics recognize, so it is only logical the organs need to be carefully rebalanced afterwards.

Ranjith’s healing hands enable the release of tension held in the myofascial tissues that connect every internal element (from bones and muscles to ligaments and organs), sending chain reactions throughout your whole being. You should expect to feel hit by a bus the next day after your first treatment! But don’t resist it – this is simply your whole somatic being, your body, mind and spirit, ‘letting go’. This is an authentic relaxation and realignment experience – and trust us, feelings of peace and clarity come with it.

Ranjith’s work is completely holistic. He features as the centrepoint of the Ibiza Retreats MOT Retreats for Body, Mind and Spirit, integrating his deep physiological knowledge and expertise with personalised prescriptions for health and fitness (Ranjith is also a superb personal trainer) and vital nutritional guidance. Sharing the Ibiza Retreats empowerment philosophy, Ranjith is committed to empowering you to create healthy patterns in every area of your life to enable you to feel balanced, strong and whole.

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