Aromatherapy in Ibiza is heaven (ly) scent

Everywhere in Ibiza heavenly scents are filling the air.  Mmmmmm the scent of orange blossom is lifting me up, right now, as I inhale the delicate, tantalizing aroma, I can feel my heart melting and my body physically relaxing.  The Jasmine around our home is heady under he moonlight and, as I walk amidst the almond trees, I can smell wild garlic wafting up gently sharpening my focus, a purification for my spirit. An early morning run through the forest leaves me feeling positive, strong and clear as the scent of the pine blends with the rosemary, I arrive home feeling happy, light and open – ready to embrace the day.

Springtime in Ibiza sees our fields full of vibrant flowers and blossoming trees, filling our senses with magic and beauty.  And if you choose to inhale this wonderland of multi-sensory infusions consciously, you can enjoy a natural daily dose of revitalizing aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy improves your health and wellbeing naturally. As you inhale the scents, the smells bypass the analytical “thinking mind” and trigger the release of various chemicals within the brain, bringing about states of relaxation, revitalization, enhanced moods or clarity and calm.  Choosing the right fragrance can help you to reduce stress, ease depression and even bring you into greater touch with your female self (all you women out there).

So just by enjoying Ibiza’s magical nature this springtime, here is what each of those 5 aromas enables:

Jasmine – reduces stress and has aphrodisiac qualities as well as being an antidepressant

Rosemary – a wonder-herb – enhances memory function, cleanses and purifies the mind and relaxes the nervous system

Pine – is clarifying and refreshing.  Clean your mind and stimulate creative meetings, lift the energy, enhance the mood.

Lavender – also growing wild in Ibiza, this is the most wonderful herb for promoting relaxation and easing you into a good nights sleep.  Also a natural antiseptic, it gently cleanses the mind too.

Orange Blossom – refreshes the brain, increasing inspiration and your creative ability.  Forming the base of Neroli Oil, it also boosts your immune system and has proven psychological benefits to help prevent anxiety attacks.

So enjoy these heavenly scents that pervade the nostrils as you walk in nature this springtime….   pick carefully and with gratitude to create eye masks and in-casa infusions.

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