2012 – the year of great change

Do you feel like you have been riding a rollercoaster?

Have you been experiencing great change in life? Relationship? Work? Career?

Are you noticing stuff within you that you want to change…. or let go of?

Well…. that is all very normal for all of us this year! It is 2012 and the pivotal point of this year is this Friday 21st December – Winter Solstice, when the sun lines up with the “plane” of the Galaxy – the actual “moment” is 12.12 precisely Ibiza time.

Some of the conversations happening in the North of Ibiza are about how time is speeding up,  the energy is becoming faster and lighter so that your “karma” ie: the thoughts that you “put out there” (or send within yourself) have a faster cause – and – affect boomerang.  This means that we have got to purifty ourselves more, become cleaner in how we think towards ourselves and others.  It is taking us more into a place of compassion, of working with others, of learning how to focus on qualities rather than points of criticism.  Yet on some points we really want to be critical – why?  Because the cleaner we get, the more old stains have been showing up!

We can no longer ignore truths about ourselves and others in our lives, no matter how painful they may be.   Many couples have gone separate ways because they know that it is eventually for the greater good, they deeply feel that this will bring them greater peace and harmony.

And to do this…. takes courage, takes strength and also has become non-optional, as we are reaching for richer, fulfilling lives, with those that complement our own unique qualities and encourage us to grow, support us through their intentions to follow our dreams.

Its as if the layers are peeling back, revealing layer after layer of beautiful qualities that maybe we never noticed before and also patterns of behaviour, uncomfortable, destructive or disruptive patterns that no longer serve us. And all why?  Because we are searching for deeper meaning…. that lasts.  We recognise that anything that we can buy or achieve brings only a temporary “high”.

We are looking to restore our connection with the space of love, of being, of GOOD genuine, authentic, real feelings.

Like plants we are all growing towards the light. Letting of the old lower energy thoughts, emotions and feelings.

Jealousy, gossiping, comparing ourselves and our lives with others is all low vibration stuff.   It brings us down in ourselves and cuts us off from the creative force of life, which is a source of endless love and growth and enabling energy.  The old ways of living, founded on pushing hard, working until we drop, taking things to far…. all in a quest for more, more, more, were egged on by the old cycles that advertised the way our lives ought to be.  Yet these sold to our needs…. which told us that we were not complete, that we did not, or could not, feel as good as the people on the telly, the magazines, the advertisements and the promotions, unless we bought their ideas, their options, their products.

The new world…. is one that we are already creating.  Because we are becoming more and more aware that we can choose the way that we think and feel.  We can choose how to be, towards ourselves and other people.  More and more of us are “remembering” that we all come from love, are made from the source of love (even if the parents were not at the time 100% aware of it).  We come from the seeds of the purest kind of love: creation.

Remember on 21st December that you ARE your life’s creator.  You were born, resourced, with everything you need to live an abundant, full and vibrant life in harmony with others and the world around you.

So lets say THANK YOU to mother earth, from where we come and we return.  Lets give thanks to each other – for sharing in this imperfect journey or learning how to love ourselves – and each other more, lets share in the feelings of connectedness, of safety to be ourselves, to live and breathe and be in unity.


Yoga Asana of the week – The Tree

As the new energies of 2012 flow in, we welcome you all to join us in grounding the lighter, faster vibrations by getting grounded, centred and strong like a tree. With our spine and body aligned we can be clear to receive the energies from the Universe above and release down into the earth below in an ongoing, powerful flow.
When the challenges blow like strong winds, you can maintain your strength and calm to help you see the higher, greater vision.
Here are 7 steps for a firmly rooted tree:
1* Placing both feet firmly into the ground, lift all your toes and release them back down, shift your energy onto your right leg, activating the muscles strongly
2* Find an external point of focus – a fixed point in front of you – and focus your gaze softly here
3* Inhaling, turn your left heel towards you at a 90 degree angle and raise the heel upwards, catching your left ankle with your left hand.
4* Exhaling, press the sole of the left foot firmly into your right thigh, press your inner-right thigh towards the sole of your left foot
5* Inhaling, draw up your pelvic floor to lock your energies in the core of your body (mulahbhanda), drawing your hands together in Namaste
6* Exhaling release all tension down through the soles of your feet
7* Inhaling, raise your arms up above your head in namaste, melting your shoulder blades down either side of your spine, opening your heart and allow a soft smile (if it feels good to!)
Continue breathing into your belly, exhaling completely and lengthening and deepening your breathing.
Enjoy the feelings of connectedness, alignment, lightness, height and strength – feeling anything more? Wonderful….. enjoy the tree-journey.
With great thanks to our beloved yogi-life-friend Laura Bridge inspiring us all from the top of Macchu Picchu in Peru this week!

Feeling a bit in the spin with these new energies coming in? – Be like a rock in times of change.

Take time to stop completely and allow yourself to sit quietly and observe the world around you. Witness other people, see other situations from afar, rather than getting mixed up in the middle of them. Feel the warmth of a rock that has been heated by the sun and enjoy this deeply supportive and reassuring energy. Feel the total peace of being centred and grounded with the ancient wisdom that only comes from watching, witnessing, being still and quiet and listening. And if the rock is cool instead, allow this to release any hot thoughts and emotions from your mind, your energy, your head. Find a small rock that feels good in the hand and keep it close to you, in your pocket, to hold and reconnect, whenever you wish to with the memory of this calming stillness.

Trust = the vital ingredient for Going with the Flow

Life coaching techniques to help you refine “The Art of letting Go”.  A body-mind tool, that is part of the art of letting go, is trusting in the higher intelligence of the universe to guide you,

When life presents challenges that just feel like too much, rather than breaking down into a sad or stressed out puddle, ask yourself honestly:”is this something I want to overcome….. or am I holding on because I am scared of what others’ might say, about being wrong, about being deemed a failure?”

Do I genuinely want to persevere for this because I believe will benefit my / my families whole being and life experience?

Or is it because it is actually easier to hang on in there in an uncomfortable comfort zone, than to dare to stop, reflect and choose a path that is different.

There is a saying that we love here at Ibiza Retreats… “Let go and let God”.  The more we can allow our life horse to occasionally buck and rear and gallop, the more easily we can ride through turbulent moments and remain seated in the saddle.

And when we stop trying too hard to do and be and achieve, very often the lovely things that open up, the positive people and lucky opportunities, are already there…..    When we let go and go with the flow, trusting that everything is happening in a perfect divine order, we relax, physically and emotionally…. which allows us to see the wonderful things that are there.

I though today that I really wanted to pick up my son from school to take him for a medical check-up.  Yet when the rain suggested that the roads may be challenging to drive, a subsequent hiccup with the car meant that I had to stay inside.  And whilst I originally felt concerned about “cancelling the appointment” and “letting other people down”, the moment that I phoned to rearrange things, I found that the whole world was on my side.  The receptionist rebooked us easily, my car problem was then swiftly sorted….  and how much lovelier it was to rest with a cup of tea and my laptop by the fire.

When we are too focussed on what we THINK we want to happen, we can be blind to what will really help our heart sing.

So remember to question your motives behind all the “trying situations” that happen this week….. if you find yourself trying to hard, and pushing to make things happen, take time to reflect on what will genuinely bring you greater happiness, fulfillment and peace.

21.12.12 world-consciousness meditation @ Es Vedra

Join Belinda and Toby and many more like-minded people at the upper platform underneath the pirate tower @ Es Vedra as we pool our energies in meditation to help raise the vibrations and consciousness of all… 11.11am – first meditation for 20 mins, 12.30pm – second meditation for 30 mins
As Belinda and Toby say… “Bring your own life into peace and harmony, recognise that we are all equal beings. By honouring all forms of life on the planet from rocks, insects and plants to animals and humans our energy will automatically lift the vibrations of everyone with whom we come into contact. Give no energy to fear, darkness and mass hysteria. Instead focus on the good, the wise and great, so that it expands.”

Visualise everyone throughout the world holding hands in peace.

If enough individuals do these things, the consciousness of all must inevitably rise.

We will be there and thought it would be nice to get together and pool our energies, so if you would like to join us too we would love to welcome you, more the merrier, maybe bring a picnic too.”  Contact us for Belinda and Toby’s details.