Yoga Asana of the week – The Tree

As the new energies of 2012 flow in, we welcome you all to join us in grounding the lighter, faster vibrations by getting grounded, centred and strong like a tree. With our spine and body aligned we can be clear to receive the energies from the Universe above and release down into the earth below in an ongoing, powerful flow.
When the challenges blow like strong winds, you can maintain your strength and calm to help you see the higher, greater vision.
Here are 7 steps for a firmly rooted tree:
1* Placing both feet firmly into the ground, lift all your toes and release them back down, shift your energy onto your right leg, activating the muscles strongly
2* Find an external point of focus – a fixed point in front of you – and focus your gaze softly here
3* Inhaling, turn your left heel towards you at a 90 degree angle and raise the heel upwards, catching your left ankle with your left hand.
4* Exhaling, press the sole of the left foot firmly into your right thigh, press your inner-right thigh towards the sole of your left foot
5* Inhaling, draw up your pelvic floor to lock your energies in the core of your body (mulahbhanda), drawing your hands together in Namaste
6* Exhaling release all tension down through the soles of your feet
7* Inhaling, raise your arms up above your head in namaste, melting your shoulder blades down either side of your spine, opening your heart and allow a soft smile (if it feels good to!)
Continue breathing into your belly, exhaling completely and lengthening and deepening your breathing.
Enjoy the feelings of connectedness, alignment, lightness, height and strength – feeling anything more? Wonderful….. enjoy the tree-journey.
With great thanks to our beloved yogi-life-friend Laura Bridge inspiring us all from the top of Macchu Picchu in Peru this week!