Spiritual Warriors

Do you feel you are on a spiritual path? Are you a dedicated yogi? Are you practicing meditation regularly? Or are you choosing to create a life with positive intentions and a higher purpose in mind?
Since 2012, here in Ibiza, we have all felt a definite ‘awareness upgrade’ in the way we create our lives and our livelihoods. It goes beyond work-life balance, it is like we are being asked to stop compromising; to make new commitments to live our lives on purpose, with a higher life purpose, and to live consciously and compassionately, in ways that serves the greater good of mankind.
For our world to survive, now is the time, to stand up and live with integrity. Yet to be a true spiritual warrior is not about pushing your enlightened philosophies on the next man in the street, it means choosing to live the change that both your soul, and the world around you, needs you to be.
Author Paulo Coelho’s book ‘The Warrior of Light’ offers a wonderful set of guiding principles for bravely choosing a higher path that is more conscious, more peaceful, that sees you living with a holistic life ethos, yet is ultimately more powerful, as you stand up for what you know is right, cultivate the qualities of kindness (in yogic wisdom ‘ahimsa’ or non-violence is the first of the Yamas or ways of living), choose higher, kinder and more community oriented ways of thinking and acting. Think global, act local – for example invest in the work of local cottage industries, buy local honey, employ locally based therapists, eat ecologically yet locally and seasonally.
Live with positive intention! In our world and specifically here at Ibiza Retreats, as individuals, with our retreats and as an organisation, we begin every retreat, or idea in development with a ‘Sankalpa (Sanskrit) or heart-felt intention to clearly focus our thoughts, words and energies.
Where attention goes – energy flows – everything is energy. Hawaiian Huna
We are acting as warriors by facing our fears and learning how to release them by strengthening our connection with our souls. And perhaps most importantly of all, each and every one of the Ibiza Retreats team are practicing the art of being kind to ourselves, honouring our physical temples and our emotional and spiritual needs. Every day, in some way, we are personally honing techniques, yoga, meditation, breathwork, walking in nature. We each have our own ways to reconnect with the voice of spirit that resides inside each and every one of us.
This is the voice that deeply knows, the voice of your internal-guidance system. For the spiritual warrior, this connection with your inner-compass is vital for guiding your way through life.  This is also the secret to living in ‘flow’ and to enable you to live truly and freely, with an open-heart, full of trust. For this is the greatest gift of spiritual warrior-hood – moving beyond ‘caring what others think of me. Imagine this: if you stopped caring about what the rest of the world thought of you, how free would you feel? What else would this enable you to dream, to do, to create, to be?