Sensational Sunsets

Sensational Sunsets

Ibiza is known as one of the best places in the world to watch the sun go down. The combination of the islands beauty coupled with the magical sensation of watching the sun sink into the sea at the end of a glorious day makes for an unforgettable experience. They say no two sunsets are ever the same and it is certainly an experience that will complete your visit to Ibiza. Here is our guide to the best sunset spots on the island.


Sunsets are mesmerising at Benirass every day of the week, but is on Sunday that the beach comes into its element. Drummers and other musicians flock from all parts of the island for an eclectic sunset ritual, joined by hundreds of people from all walks of life gathering to witness the show.

Cap des Falco

With the sensational backdrop of the endless salt flats, Cap d’es Falco is a magical place to enjoy the sundown moment. Not as crowded as many of the more popular spots, but you can enjoy a sunset cocktail in the Experimental Beach Bar which is in a prime location on the edge of the beach.

Heaven’s Gate – Santa Ines

This cliffside viewing point is just 2 miles away from the church in the town, turn left at local bar Can Cosmi and follow the path to reach one of the most spectacular places on the island to watch the sun sink into the crystal clear waters.

Punta Galera

Known locally as Flat Rocks, these natural rock formations have to be seen to be believed. Over centuries the waves have shaped the rock into flat shelf like ledges, and the view over the bay will take your breath away every time.

Cala Comte

The first thing to catch your eye when you approach this beautiful beach is the crystalline water, a sight which will undoubtedly stay with you forever. The bay is made up of three separate beaches, joined by restaurants and a craggy pathline. An eternally popular sunset destination, we love to indulge in a cocktail or two at the aptly named Sunset Ashram.


Over in the bay of the busy resort of San Antonio lies a little piece of paradise. Tucked away in a quiet corner of the bay, this hippy style bar is a haven of tranquillity and provides a spectacular viewing point for the sunset moment. Delicious Asian style cuisine and a chilled soundtrack complete the bohemian vibe.

SUNSET AND THE TIME OF YEAR: You will be able to experience the sunset into the sea from anywhere on the North West part of the Island from around April up to around September. The South East part of the Island is the ideal place during the winter months. Some of the spots in the North side of the Island lose the sun set sea view around September time, although this does depend on your altitude.