Couples, Romance and Reconnect in Stunning Can Dream

Imagine arriving into the wild and wonderful heart of Ibiza, with the one whom your heart wishes to feel more deeply connected to.  Maybe life has been hectic and you simply need time together, maybe there is yoga, meditation, new experiences that you want to explore?  Psychologists have proven that couples who share new experiences keep their  intimacy alive so, we shape your dream-retreat to enhance your romance and create magical new sparks, beginning with holistic massages, given with herbed Ibizan oils, which help to relax and open each one of you.

This is the retreat for you if, you desire seclusion, amidst beautiful nature and the privacy to enjoy the luxury of intimacy in one of Ibiza’s most sought-after hidden gems, the private couples escape of Can Dream. Do you enjoy the bliss of just-the-two of you at breakfast, ready and waiting for you to help yourself when you want to arise.   Reflexology grounds you, morning yoga and meditations connect you to your breath and your body, deepening your sense of “feeling” and of each other!

Managed by the wonderful Marrejan, our Island mama who has lived here for over 40 years, she warmly welcomes you for gentle wellness consultations, then tailor-makes the rest of your time.  Maybe you wish to discover a secret sop to swim naked in emerald waters? Or to sunbathe on hidden sands? How about a gentle sunset-clifftop climb with a natural meditation, invoked by Mother Nature?   Faye arrives to give advanced reiki and energy healings to release blockages, her wisdom and intuitive guidance enables even the most cynical minds to open!

Couples massages and treatments can be given, in the shade, side by side, and if one or both of you wishes for a deeper emotional healing, amazing Shambala will come to work her wonders for couples wanting to heal and grow together, with MET, Gestalt and couples counselling.  And you can rest, in peace, in the very heart of the island in this stunning boutique casita, which shares the large pool with the main house, where you’re in-the-background hosts, Yoga teacher Shaki and Film producer Jonathan reside.  Their lives have been incredible… simply sharing a tea with them is inspiring!

Leave Can Dream sadly, yet with a new commitment to each other, to maintain the quality of your connection, to keep your fires burning bright, and your hearts and souls realigned with one another, and, most importantly, with LOVE.