Retreat of the Month – Boutique Yoga & Detox

It’s difficult to say what makes this retreat quite so special. You know the saying “the sum of the parts is greater than the whole”? Well it’s exactly that…all the incredible elements – being in one of the most stunningly and sensitively renovated fincas on the island, yoga on the wooden deck in the enchanted forest, the care and love which goes into the nourishing food, and not forgetting, probably the most transformational treatment you will ever experience – all of these add up to an experience which is immeasurable.

Simply put, this is the retreat for you if you want to experience magic. If you love to practise yoga (and ideally have some prior experience), love new experiences and new people. And especially if you have an open-mind. Transformations occur here and you will go home different. We’re not quite sure how, but different.

Susie and Faye who run this retreat have been friends for almost 20 years. They have been on their own journey of self-discovery together – from a life working in the city in corporate jobs – and making the jump to Ibiza to find peace and happiness. Let them – and the rest of the team show you something different. It may be only for a few days, but this experience will stay with you forever.

Wake up to the sound of the birds singing, the smell of pine in the air and the sea in the distance. After a cup of herbal tea, enjoy a deep meditation and a flowing vinyasa yoga in the forest. A post-yoga juice and an abundant vegetarian brunch follows. And then soak up the sun on one of the sumptuous Balinese beds and let the team pamper you all day long. The evening brings a restorative yoga class and a music meditation after dinner to lull you to sleep. Take a cup of hot cocoa to bed after a quick peek at the stars… sweet dreams. x

Book your mat (and most importantly, your heart space) here now or email for a truly transformational experience on our magical island.