Meet Our Therapists – Faye Reason


 ‘Experience your own Inner-Magic’

 One to one sessions (approx. 1.5hours)

When we learn how to feel, we learn how to heal, and to live. We have the opportunity to let go of the tension in our body and mind by letting go of resistance and allowing what is there, without judgement. Faye’s work reconnects the individual to their own inner guidance and reinforces the connection to their heart, to Universal Life Force energy, and to the natural earth energies. The sessions are always focussed around gentle empowerment and deep relaxation. They can often lead to a profound inner clarity and sense of ‘Aaah – there I am!’.

Faye is a sympathetic and highly experienced Shamanic energy worker. She can locate the places where the body is lacking connection with Universal Life Force and bring about the ‘shift’ that is a seen as a ‘re-connection to the self’.

Clients enjoy a state of strength and safety, then from that place they can continue in their own power to heal them selves and live from a ‘knowing place’.



Faye has always been attracted to Shamanism and earth energies. Since she was a child she was experiencing phenomena of the natural world and started working with crystals at 6 years old. In 2002 Faye learned traditional Usui Reiki, then went on to explore the ‘mystery schools’, joining the Theosophical Society and pagan-influenced healing network. She has worked with Shaman teachers in central and South America, as well as working with, and learning from, Native Canadian, First Nation People. She has studied under Stanislav Grof Psychology program and has qualifications from The London School of Natural Sciences and Stars Edge International in the USA.



  • Guests are fully clothed, but asked to remove jewellery and shoes
  • Crystals are used in the therapy (Faye is a qualified crystal therapist) to work with the vibration of the energy body and help to channel Life Force energy
  • Guided meditation
  • A Shamanic cleansing ritual using smoking sage or Paolo Santo
  • Hands on healing, best likened to Reiki, but is reported to be much more and can bring on feelings of ‘floating’ and a deep heat through the body, as well as profound ‘energetic tingling and internal sensation of surging or waves’.
  • Guided counselling and intuitive feedback/discussion
  • Possible channelled messages from the higher self (if the client is relaxed)
  • Suitable for all ages and health conditions
  • Suitable for pregnant ladies
  • Best suited for clients with depression, low moods, suffering with anxiety, heart break, loss or grief. Also for clients who feel stuck, lacking direction and frustrated with current relationship, family or career issues. Burn out or adrenal fatigue. Problems concerning sleep deprivation.
  • All physical ailments and diseases can be helped with this treatment. This treatment has contributed to noticeable results in pain relief and can also be a great support for traditional medicine, particularly rehabilitation/ after op care.
  • Reiki is now scientifically proven to fail the placebo test, which means its effects are not requiring ‘belief in it’ although it does help (as with anything, the mind is a powerful tool). It is now readily available on the NHS and popular in Oncology wards within the UK.

Faye is highly in demand as a therapist on our retreats. We recommend pre-booking for private sessions, or if you are joining us on retreat, please let us know in advance if you would like to book Faye for a session.