Featured retreat: New Year’s Revitalisation Retreat – New You!

How amazing would you feel if you decided to choose to begin the new year with your eyes on the open possibilities of the turquoise sea-horizon, feet in the sand and your heart purely focused on yourself, your wishes, dreams and needs? Is it time to kickstart those healthy habits, positive actions and new good-for-you regimes, so you can begin 2016 focused, inspired and energised?

We believe there is nothing more important than investing in yourself.

The New Year’s Revitalisation Retreat teaches you how to fill yourself full of healthy choices, with purposeful life coaching, NLP to transform limiting behaviours and negative beliefs, yoga to bring you into your body, and to get to know better your physical and energetic needs.

A good, rich and fulfilling life has to begin with self-awareness and self-care. When your cup is full, you have so much more energy (and love) to share. Every day on retreat begins with a two-hour yoga, meditation and breathwork session to open, reconnect and energise, while afternoons are for healing and nurturing treatments and therapies, walks in nature and beach hikes, then the evening workshops aim to uplift, focus and inspire.

A typical day on retreat is as follows:
*8am – Herbal teas, superfood chia pots, light fruits
*9.30am – Yoga, meditation and breathwork on the deck amidst the pines
*11.30am – Super-juice-smoothie – yoga
*12pm – Brunch!
1pm – You-time rest, relax, receive – treatments and therapies or siesta
4pm – Optional afternoon walk or hike
4.30pm – Afternoon snack and teas
*6pm – Coaching, NLP and Vision Boards workshops
8pm – Deluxe dinner in the villa

Delicious, nourishing soul food, this seasonal cuisine includes amazing root vegetables, butternut squash soups laced with ginger, turmeric and just a little chilli oil kick, all locally grown and organically sown. The fresh salads accompany inventive curries and casseroles, warm frittata sits next to chia porridges accompanied by pear and cinnamon compotes and rich, warm pumpkin mousses.

Our beautiful retreat location, Can Amonita is light and zen, with soothing curves offering an authentic Moroccan sense of calm, with several rooms and the main house set around a central courtyard. The yoga deck is nestled amidst whispering pines, with birdsong and frogsong from the pond giving a rich natural accompaniment to your morning sun salutations. We love the Balinese furniture so carefully chosen by owners, Dominic and Lizzy – each and every piece was checked out at the source, to ensure that everything is fair trade. You can just feel the good energy!

Book into one of the last few places on our New Year’s Revitalisation Retreat to embrace a new you in ways that truly last. Celebrate your future as the clock chimes midnight, with conscious, like-minded souls, on the beach, under a sea of stars!