Featured retreat: Boutique Yoga & Detox

The Ibiza Retreats Boutique Yoga and Detox retreat is very special. It’s for people wishing to begin a fresh journey into their wellbeing – words fail to exactly describe why this experience is so unique and touching. The transformations that happen in just four days, make it one of the most powerful retreats on offer. Our guests leave as completely different people, or rather, they have discovered who they really are again.

A typical day on retreat:

08.30:  Morning meditation and detoxifying yoga
11.00:   Detox juices and fresh organic brunch
12.00 – 16.00:  Massages and treatments by the pool
17.00:   Restorative yoga
19.00:   Sunset hike to Heaven’s Gate (Las Puertas del Cielo)
20.30:   Light supper
22.00:   Star-gazing, raw cacao hot chocolate and sweet dreams

The menu concept on the Boutique Yoga & Detox retreats is focused on a gentle detox for the mind and the body. It’s not about starvation, it’s about fresh and simple cuisine. Day three is a juice detox, a time to take your mind off food and focus inwards, in order to better understand your relationship with food and to give your system a total break and a gentle detox – perfect for those new to juicing.

Don’t be deceived by the name, the sea views, the deep green pine forest, the breeze blowing through the lavender or the beautiful burning torches which light the pathways at night. Our retreat location, Can Bikini, is a true sanctuary in every sense of the word, an oasis of calm and a little piece of paradise on the south-west coast of this magical island.

Reserve your mind and mat space now – our next Boutique Yoga & Detox retreat takes place from April 19 to 23, 2015 and there are also various dates over the forthcoming summer season. Find more information by clicking here.