Yoga in the Village Retreats with James DeMaria

September 2nd – 7th – A non-residential retreat which focuses on the physical practice and philosophy of yoga from the perspective of experienced yogi James de Maria. “Learning the many gifts of yoga is not a discovery. It is a re-discovery”.  Join James on his roof-top in the pine-scented air of the beautiful village of Sant Joan.  6 x 2 hour daily yoga classes @ €280.   For clients of all yogic disciplines and levels.

You can enjoy plenty of 1:1 attention as James offers groups of no more than 10 people.

James’ classes are a balanced style for everyone – open to all levels and are accessible for beginners too. They include:

* Detailed explanation of the Bandha’s and their location, isolation and application within yoga postures, kundalini awakening and meditation practises.

* Explanation of the pranic body and it’s importance to our survival

* Practise of different pranayama (breathing) techniques to cleanse the body

* Learning how to prevent colds as well as activating important glands within our head and body to optimise the functioning of the brain and therefore, our whole state of being!

* Relaxation techniques to rewind at the end of each day

* The daily practise of yoga postures (asana) according to each one’s ability

Further 2012 dates:

* September 16th – 21st

* October 7th – 12th

* October 14th – 19th

* October 21st – 26th


End of season Post Party ROCKOVERY

September & October @ Pikes Hotel

For Residents & Visitors alike, rest, rejuvenate and rockover at the end of the season.

Fabulous facials and life-changing body-work to restore your natural high.  Let us massage away post-party pains, using aromatic oils to rejuvenate your senses, juices, restorative yoga and a whole lotta healing love to get your mojo back again.  From 150 euros pp b&b  including purifying massage, add dinner, yoga, more treatments and additional nights to sleep deep and get glowing again.

The package can be 1, 2 3 or 4 nights and includes:

* Bed and Healthy breakfast with special Rockovery detox juice daily
* Healthy dinner (excluding drinks)
* 1 full body massage treatment using organic island oils
* Full use of the pool area and hotel facilities
* Add on additional treatments, yoga or other wellness options at a special discounted rate

The prices per person are as follows – based on shared occupancy:

1 night = €235  
2 nights = €400
3 nights = €565
4 nights = €735

Come and enjoy the Alice and Wonderland escapism of Pikes Hotel….. chill by the pool, enjoy mellow tunes and sunset yoga sessions all to be explored.

Just Stop! Yoga, Life Coaching & Rejuvenation Retreats

Sept 10th – 14th Enjoy personalised care within a group retreat tailor-made for individual needs. With Rebekah Fensome, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist & Larah Davis, Holistic Wellness Coach, both “Yoga for Life” teachers. Combining daily yoga, breath-work & meditations, Life & Wellness Coaching, Reiki-Massage, purifying organic cuisine with Valerie and Faye holding a healing space to rest and rejuvenate completely.  From 795 GBP / 920 € sharing all-inc.

Elle Magazine June 2012 recommends… this body-mind rejuvenation…

(and it does great things for lifting your spirits too!)

Feeling burned out?    Tired out?     Worn out?   Lacking motivation?   Need a break to get your breath back again?
Just Stop! Retreats have been created for you to do just that!

Find new purpose…. passion and life inspiration…
The magical white island of Ibiza has an amazing energy and has always been a place known for self-expression and release. The perfect place to Just Stop! and join us in 2012 for a rejuvenating, life-enhancing retreat:

Unwind your mind
Rejuvenate your body
Refuel your energy
This all-inclusive retreat is all about putting yourself first and letting go of all responsibilities and “have to’s.
Feel like just stopping in total silence, with siestas by the pool? We are here to help you listen to your body…  and do only what feels good!

Massages, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology & much more
Yet if there are things in your life you do want to achieve, release or change…  we have the knowledge & experience to help you do just that.

Massages & Nerve-calming Cranio-sacral Therapy on arrival, an A-Z of holistic treatments and Rebekah’s transformative Hypnotherapy, plus a chocolate box of experiential workshops for healing & life-balancing tools & techniques.

Personalised programs of treatments & therapies
Enjoy an A-Z menu of treatments & therapies for Mind, Body and to re-Fuel.  Extra private classes include Personal Training, Qi Gong, Pilates.  Daily optional beach trips to some of Ibiza’s most beautiful sandy coves. Plus evening activities including horse-riding, sunset hikes & meditations, spirit of dance & more.

Mind-Body-Spirit Concierge Service – so everything is nice & stress-free!

Larah and Susie from Ibiza Retreats and their team are mind-body-spirit concierges for the island:  to manage all your island logistics,  helping you with flights, transfers, car-hire, boats, bicycles & horse-rides, to essential Island “need to knows” plus the most beautiful natural beaches to explore & spiritual places to visit and go.  “Island knowledge of the moment”… so you can go with the flow!


Capoeira, Martial Arts & Natural Fitness Retreat

23rd – 30th September – Explore Capoeira, martial arts, cross-fit training, yoga-stretching, breath-taking beach training, mind-quieting meditations.  Experience a new level of fitness in body, spirit and mind.  In the beautiful surrounds of Can Skye Retreat Villa with Ranjith Chambers, an elite personal trainer whose group and 1:1 healing work infuses you with a light and empowering energy and amazing co-trainer Nick.  All inclusive from 995 gbp per person

Set in Can Skye, a Finca that has been refurbished to impeccable levels, the sky opens up above and around you as the sea views engulf the horizon…. relax, revive and breathe.

The Skye meets the water, helping you flow through yoga stretching and engage core strength.

Ranjith and Nick lead you on an intensive yet rejuvenating week of holistic fitness, engaging and strengthening your whole being with a unique combination of capoeira, martial arts, cross-fit in the stunning natural settings, yoga stretching, meditation, breath-work, water training, excursions….  All balanced with lots of fun and relaxation.

A private chef will be preparing delicious organic food using fresh local produce for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Accompanied by a selection of fresh juices, teas and fruit throughout the day.

Enjoy the relaxing and welcoming environment of Can Skye…. a lovingly restored Finca that combines yin and yang, with original sabina wood beans and minimal frosted glass bathrooms.  Villa hosts Jossi and Mimi have added  beautiful details to the furnishings that reflect the eclectic island style that will inspire you.  With infinity pool, fresh herb gardens and the only “dolphin” warm water pools for optional aqua wellness to enter new levels of mind-body connection and calm.

Enjoy amazing sea views and with walks and runs down to Cala Nova beach where you can dive in and explore capoeira and martial arts to the sound of the waves on the shore.   Relaxing the mind whilst the body strengthens, energizes, connects, restores.

With sunset hikes to mystical island sites and a wealth of amazing massages, complementary treatments & therapies plus Ranjith and Nick working with the energy of the group to give you a tailor-made fitness experience that will rock your world, boost your fitness to new levels and inspire healthy lifestyle habits…. that last.

Contact us to book your place!

Yoga in Formentera Retreats

24th – 29th September Learn the intimacy of sensation via Dynamic and Hatha yoga.  Staying in Formentera Midjorn Beach house/ Taught and hosted by Jax Lysycia, best-selling author, yoga presenter for NIKE promoting womens health in Europe and lover of LIFE on and off the mat.   A lovely exhale takes you to the turquoise waters edge along the white sands of Formentera for a dip after practice.  From 905 euros pp.

Jax will connect you with your practice more deeply, to enjoy possibly deep, or delightfully light, life changes and greater sensory awareness in body, mind and soul.

And where?

Possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth.   Formentera is Ibiza’s jewel-like little sister.  There, nestled amongst the sand dunes, you will find a yoga haven…

Sleep with the sound of the waves, wake up and enjoy a dip in the crystal clear water before morning practice.

Soak up the sunset with a smoothie whilst you bask in one of our hammocks under one of our palms.

Being less than 200metres to the sea means that you can roll out of bed, straight into your yoga class, enjoy your delicious brunch and then digest like a yoga seal, on the beach without getting taxis, or transportation for massages or other activities.

Still waiting to book?

Contact us for the final places.