Sensual Sacred Island Spots

It’s said that Ibiza belongs to Tanit – the pagan warrior goddess of love, sexuality, dance, fertility and creation (oh and destruction!). Her influence can be seen all over the island, and this undercurrent of sensuality, sunsets and female energy makes Ibiza a pretty incredible location for couples this Valentines. Romance and reconnection all the way…and here are a few of our sacred island spots.



The Ibiza sunset is famous the world over, and we can think of nothing more romantic than watching the sun make its final descent into the sea after another blissful Ibizan day. One of our favourite spots is Cap dés Falco. This magnificent spot is located near the salt flats of Salinas. Pack a bottle of your favourite champagne and a blanket and head to the cliffside to experience the sunset in all its glory. The sight of the sun disappearing into the sea, with its myriad of vivid colours is an experience which will stay in your hearts for a lifetime.

Delicious dining

Many of Ibiza´s excellent restaurants are open all year round. One exceptional choice is Pastis in the heart of Ibiza Town. This French bistro remains true to its Parisian roots with a carefully crafted menu and wine list to appeal to the most cultured of palates. Warm, welcoming and exceptionally intimate, it’s an ideal spot for a loving dinner for two.

Secret sunbathing

If you are seeking a secluded spot to indulge in some serious sun soaking, then why not head to one of Ibiza´s most magical stretches of coastline, located just outside the busy town of San Antonio. Punta Galera is made up of a breathtaking formation of natural cliff ledges, which have been carved into the coastline by the elements over hundreds of years. This is an enchanting, private and truly beautiful place to spend a day in the warming winter sunshine. To find Punta Galera, take the road from San Antonio towards Santa Agnes and take the left hand turning towards Cala Salada. Follow the road and keep left, taking the track right down to the bottom of the hill until the road becomes a rugged track. Here, abandon your car and take the trek up the hill until you reach point where you can see the crystal clear waters. You won’t find any signposts, which is probably why this is considered one of Ibiza´s best kept secrets!

Ibiza holds magic and mystery in her very soul, and there are so many hidden coves, wonderful stretches of coastline and beautiful bays just waiting to be discovered. No one can quite explain the power that Ibiza has on so many people, but it’s undoubtedly true that the island has an aura of mythical attraction which draws people back time after time. 

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