3 Steps for empowering your LIGHT

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With small changes, every day….   an acorn becomes a great oak tree…

Here are 3 Steps for empowering your LIGHT

1* Feel the fear and do it anyway… “The greatest thing to fear is fear itself”

Fears create a latent force Transform fears into a red-hot fire that empowers you to hone YOUR resources, you confidence, your courage and your inner-strength and self-esteem.  Fears create a pull on our energies that cause your energy to dull and heavier.  They can keep you “stuck” in that relationship, role or way of being that sustains an uncomfortable comfort zone.  Until that is, the discomfort becomes so great that you simply have to make that change.  So….. rather than pushing the fears away…

2* Shine your light 

If you have been ever awakened at night by surfacing fears and anxieties, you will know that, in the darkness, the worries feel bigger, the monster in your closet more terrifying and that, come morning light, a new awareness can arise.  Simply lighting a candle raising the vibration of the space you are in.  Just like shining a torch into the closet, where you can see that the monster is really a shadow of a hat or a new pair of stacked platform shoes, write a list of your worst fears…. go on, we gently dare you and in order to face them….

3* Make “dates” with yourself and with others, that grow your comfort zone! 

Whether you wish to become more socially adept, to trust your body (and therefore your life more), when you push your comfort zone more open in one direction – why not try out new yoga classes and workshops, book onto a retreat that will stretch you mentally and physically, open your heart and go horse-riding, go mountain-climbing, or join a new club or social society .

Whether it is an inversion asana on the mat, that turns you upside down, or a bigger single-traveller journey to the jungles of the Amazon, new experiences all invite NEW growth and show your fearful inner-child, that you CAN.

So go on….. draw up that bucket list of the most amazing and tantalising experiences (and yoga poses!) that light YOUR inner-fire….  and get booking! Visit our retreat calendar TODAY  https://www.ibizaretreats.com/retreat-calendar  and find your perfect retreat to empower your LIGHT for 2017.