Take your time…. the secret to stress-free living…

In a recent article the Dalai Lama spoke about his technique for enjoying a smooth flow in life.

He always gets everywhere early!

Just imagine the bliss of having extra time before each appointment, to breathe and drink a cup of tea or sip some water and reconnect with your centre, to ground your energy.

How lovely would it be to enjoy the driving from A-B so that you can actually listen to beautiful music, a calming meditation, to clear your mind and find your smile before a meeting?

What could the differences in your life be if you never felt you were rushing….. and instead, could stop if you wished to an admire an ancient building, a previously unseen sight, take a brief walk in a beautiful park, soak up some sunshine or choose to let a full tube pass you by and delight in the following empty one?

Just for this week – give yourself an extra fabulous fifteen minutes of time-margin before and after each physical meeting where travelling is involved.   That includes going to and from the office and other points of “work”.

Notice the differences in your breathing, in your body, in your shoulders and in your ways of walking, thinking and talking.

Looking forward to your feedback!
And to hearing about the new feelings of space, time and clarity….. and much more….. that may be found.

Retreat of the Week – Dynamic Yoga Recharge @ Formentera Yoga

Retreat: Weekend Beach Recalibration via Dynamic Yoga Recharge 2012 Formentera Beach House

Date: 19th – 23rd April

Price: €775 sharing or €995 for a private room.

Includes: *Private 4 star seaview accommodation * delicious healthy evening meals * all sunrise and sunset yoga * room service *mats, blocks and straps * sunrise silent walks*

About: Join Jax for this yoga immersion that helps you to become more sensitively aware of SENSATION to re-calibrate neuro muscular pathways to practice yoga with integrity. You can’t feel your body through habit, and if you can’t feel your body like your lower back or hips because they have become numb with de-sensitive actions you certainly won’t feel the trauma in your lower spine when practicing upwards dogs or sun salutations, and this will be why Yoga perhaps is always uncomfortable for you. This immersion awakens you to the SENSATIONS of your body, making yoga blissful and teaches you how to practice action with INTEGRITY and not just action any old way.

Quite possibly a LIFE CHANGING holiday for most that attend!


Mothering Sunday – a time to give thanks and remember the beauty of unconditional love…

Ahhhh mothering Sunday.  At least in England it is….. Spain is on May 6th and, here at Ibiza Retreats, we firmly believe in honouring all of the days we can celebrate and appreciate the many amazing mothers out there.

Whether you are a mother yourself through birth or by appointment.  Thank you.  From the bottom of our hearts.

There is no love like a mother’s love.  So they say.  The many wonderful therapists we work with also give you a feeling, we feel, of being back in the womb, cupped and care for, nourished and received, however you are.

Many mothers put their own needs to one side:  caring first for their brood, for their descendants and for their family unit.  Yet as the roles of men and women evolve and our minds awaken to pastures of perspective new, it is also vital to remember that for a mother to be the vital life force within the family tree, she also needs to ensure that she nourishes her needs.

So for all mothers out there today – whether in body, mind or spirit – remember to take time for yourself to replenish your “cup” first.  For when your cup floweth over, as the old saying goes, your filling up of your families’ cups, is all the more easy and natural.  Sounds so easy doesn’t it?

For all mothers out there who have been free spirits and independent life travelers, the reality of being physically needed by a young child is also incredibly demanding.  As much as we love that little one; as much as we cherish the grace of the universe for blessing us with our daughter or son, the reality is that we are human beings and as mothers, have our own needs too.

So on this day and for the week and year ahead, we encourage you to:

(1) Recognise your needs – as YOU and then as a mother – physically, time, space, mind, body, heart

(2) Paint or write or collage them onto a board where you can see them

(3) Ask yourself honestly – how often do I need these things in my life so that I can be my best for my family too?

(4) Talk to your support network – husbands, friends, family, babysitters, creches, schools and beyond – and create that time to be and feel YOU

(5) Affirm to yourself that you DO deserve it and – that like all motors – use needs to refuel REGULARLY too!

Appreciate your mother WILDLY today! Lavish her with love – wherever she is right now.  Send her thoughts and intentions to also care for yourself so that you can care for your loved ones in the way that feels best to you.

Happy mothers day….


With huge love and gratitude – all the team at Ibiza Retreats…



And… p.s. check out our “new for 2012” MOTHER LOVE retreat!

Retreat of the Week – Yoga from the Heart @ Casa Corazon

A retreat for the mind, body AND soul! Hosted by us! 

A 5 day retreat with a unique philosophy – ‘there is immense power in gentleness’. We encourage you to connect with your very centre. Out of your head and into your heart for 5 days of powerful, flow-based, body and heart-opening yoga.

All inclusive of light, laughter filled soul-food nourishment and caring hosting from Larah, Susie and Valerie in the bohemian bliss of Casa Corazon (the house of the heart).
No more than 7 guests on the retreat ensure we can give you plenty of personalised attention to develop your own practise and style – giving you the confidence to embrace yoga and what’s in your heart within your day-to-day life.

Dates: 22nd – 26th March & 12-16th April (as well as dates throughout the season!)

Location: The beautiful bohemian bliss of Casa Corazon…

Price: From £795 per person


Detox this Spring Equinox and feel a new sense of body-mind harmony

Spring has well and truly sprung so it’s the ideal time to spring clean your body with a detox to flush away winter and welcome back the summer with a spring in your step.

March 20th marks the spring equinox, traditionally a time to de-clutter and move into the new year positively in mind and body.

With all this great spring energy on our doorstep; almonds blossoming, flowers blooming, tap into the spring energy to cut down on the heaviness of winter foods and move towards summer feeling lighter and more balanced.

Equinox’s are a great time to reflect, retreat and ease yourself safely into the new spring vital energy…

Your detox guide Ilona Pantel is also a multi-level therapist, offering a holistic approach to supporting your Detox – which you can even do in the comfort and privacy of your own home.   So you can feel safely supported throughout, she ensures that you feel prepared and know what else to do – including to drink water, water, water, take walks in the beautiful sunshine, breathe in plenty of fresh oxygen and to take the necessary rest your body needs.

With the juice detox that MWellness provide, with Ilona as your guide and support for your cleansing journey, you can enjoy juices made from fresh local organic produce.  The green juices that make up the bulk of the programme have an alkalizing effect to help shift the pH value of your system back to the optimum near neutral position. Alkalising your system is important because it means it will work more efficiently, helping you metabolise fat, absorb nutrients as well as flushing toxins out.

Rebelancing your body and mind and helping you to enjoy a newfound equilibrium.

Make the natural transformation with our organic local fresh fruit and vegetable based detox programme. As well as alkalizing your system, you’ll flush out accumulated toxins from your body (as well as weight), cleanse your digestive system and recover some vital spring energy.

Contact us for detox details – or click here to read all about it.

Plus massages, reflexology, personal training and mind-detox life coaching all on offer to support your kick-start, enjoy the cleansing journey!

Written by the lovely James at MWellness Santa Eulalia – gym, spa and holistic health and fitness with a smile!