Wishing you a Healthy, Happy New Year… full of positive resolutions that last…

When you make resolutions in a positive way, by focusing on the good feelings and wellbeing they will bring, they stick, they last

…..and they even bring you more pleasure along the way

So what would you like to leave behind? As Janus, the God of January encourages you to do:

> Can you let go of anger?

> Can you forgive those you feel have hurt you?

> Can you leave guilt for things you wished you had done differently or better in the past?

And what would you like to dream into reality this New Year of 2012?

What can you consciously intend to come true for you? (and those around you)

> Can you begin each day with a new yoga or meditation practice that sets you up positively in body and mind?

> Can you be kinder to yourself, gentle with your actions and tender to your loved ones and friends?

> What will your perfect year bring for you? For your self, for your home, for your career, for your health and for your family?

This is the time of our lives to allow our dreams to become true!

So dare to dream and know that the more you do, the more you can listen to your heart-felt wishes and your inner-most needs. The clearer and cleaner you are being with your intentions, the more aligned you are becoming with your subconscious wishes and the more easily you will attract the circumstances and opportunities into your path to enable you to take the necessary actions for your dreams to become your reality.  (And just think – and feel – how marvellous that will be!)

And keep marvelling…. this is the magic of life!

We hope to welcome you here for marvelous, magical and life-enhancing treats here in Ibiza in 2012.

So from all of us at Ibiza Retreats, we wish you a wonderful 2012, full of wonder, full of joy, full of light, full of health and happiness and loving, giving and receiving times.

Winter Solstice and Merry Christmas! Celebrating to lighten up your life

On December 21st, the Winter Solstice saw our longest, darkest, night.  The time is turning now to move forward with the winter learnings and insights to lighten up our lives.  Christmas is a time to celebrate all that we have in our lives.  Along with the “turning in” and “looking within” of the Winter Solstice, it is a time for appreciating and receiving the valuable lessons that help us grow and transform into happier, more whole beings.  As we let go… we lighten up and can spread our light around the world simply by allowing our own to shine.  And, as the Earth turns more and more quickly, time is, literally, speeding up.  So make the most of this time to disconnect from your have to’s and responsibilities.

Send only the texts, emails and messages that spread love and light and peace.  Read only cards and books and magazines that help you feel light and happy – and the same goes films  and programs on TV… soak up the cheesiness and fill your boots with glee!

We are as happy and healthy as our physical cells, the thoughts we think create the emotions we feel so the happier we are in mind as so we are in body.  Hence the celebrations are not to be taken lightly, yet rather – as an opportunity to express and be as delighted and uplifted as you dare to feel and be!

Share the smiles with others on the streets, sing carols and listen to music that helps your heart to sing.

This helps your mind and body relax and is an enormous boost for your wellbeing.

And rather than worrying about what you eat – savour each piece of chocolate or morsel of meat.  Appreciate the flavours, the indulgence, this special time of year and know that soon, with January pending, you have the opportunity, supported by the earth, the season and the appropriate moment to detox and cleanse and clear.

We wish you a MERRY, joyful, Christmas time and a healthy, happy, inspiring and whole-somely wealthy New Year!

x Larah x Susie x Shambala x Cheryl and all the team at Ibiza Retreats

Feel the heart-warming sensation of Gratitude this Christmas time

Whilst much of the world goes wild with spending and buying gifts and delicious Christmas indulgences, this is the perfect time to enrich your festive season with an extra focus on gratitude.

Gratitude opens the heart chakra, as we consciously focus on appreciating all that we have in our lives and helps to sustain a light and loving, positive vibration, which genuinely radiates far and wide.

Gratitude helps create a prayer for those who are ¨without¨ whilst ensuring you remain in a positive state of body and mind, as our inner thanks vibrates out in powerful waves.

So focus, consciously, just for 5 minutes, on all you have to be thankful for:

– a healthy body or healthy mind (or both)
– a loving partner – or the ability to love yourself (because you know you can choose to do so!)
– a warm home – that you can make wonderful and welcoming
– family and friends that care for you
– a job – even if you would love a job you love better…
– freedom to choose how you spend your Christmas time
– the opportunities you have every day to enrich and enhance your life
– the challenges and obstacles that have enabled you to grow, transform, strengthen

Focus just for 5 minutes on the many gifts you are already receiving and notice how this warms you from within!
A wonderful technique for supporting you when spending time with even the most challenging relatives and family situations, your welcome becomes more genuine.

And…. as is the Universal Law of Attraction… like attracts like and this practice will carry you through to an abundant and fortuitous New Year… enjoy.

Rosemary & Ginger teas with fresh Ibiza Lemons

Straight from the bush and the trees, Ibiza is an island of natural abundance, with just what you need, often right before your eyes, to warm you up, to heal, to soothe and to purify.

December is now in full swing, mulled wine and christmas festivities are merrily beginning and the body, our kidneys and liverespecially, need even more TLC as this is traditionally the hibernation season…

So… rather than reaching for an extra cup of frothy coffee, give yourself a gift of naturally uplifting and purifying tea.

Here in Ibiza our mountainsides are covered with amazing scented Rosemary – a herb that refreshes the system and which, very simply, cleaned and placed in super-hot (not boiling) water makes a delicious revitalising tea that also tones our organs.

Add lemon for zest and a perfect “awakener” with extra vitamin C zing… and a teaspoon of rosemary honey for mother nature’s finest antibacterial potion.

Ahhh and ginger, from the earth, is a natural antisceptic that wards of colds and staves off flus and is, in Chinese Medicine, a fire root that helps to burn up also damp and unhealthy emotions.  Chop finely and simmer and THEN add the lemon and honey to taste.

Feel healthy and happy naturally this December – tis the season to be merry after all…


Event: Open cosy evening with Sandra and Shambala

Join Sandra and Shambala for a cosy evening of sharing, relaxing, dancing and body healing…

Date: Thursday 22nd December

Where: A beautiful rustic finca in the north of the island