Pure Yoga, Ayurveda & Horse Riding – Retreat of the Month

This is the retreat for you if you want to deepen your connection with yourself and with horses, with nature and with your own yoga practice.  Blending the 8 limbs of yoga with the richness of the ancient natural healing science of Ayurveda, from the deck, to the beautiful Ibizan countryside, we welcome you to open your heart and your mind.

This Pure Yoga, Ayurveda & Horseriding retreat has been designed by Ibiza Retreats’ founder Larah Davis, who is passionate about horses and loves their healing, heart-opening presence:  she says, “Horse-riding is my ultimate escapism, which also provides a deep sense of reconnection. Their courage and grace are humbling and their pace is also superbly relaxing, like a massage for my spine.”   The horses are mostly Spanish and privately owned, amazingly cared-for, and all with big hearts and happy in their home, where you will also have chance to groom and tack up – if this is part of what you want to do!

We begin with an outride for the entire group, beginners being safely led in hand, so that you can all experience the joy of riding high and feel your inner-smile and confidence growing.  Vicente, the stable owner will also take this time to assess and ensure you are paired with YOUR right 4-legged friend for the next sessions.  It’s all about the right horse-rider connection! We teach the first yoga sessions to engage you with your breath, your body-mind connection and your mula bhanda – the more subtle core activation, so that you have more inner-power for rising trot! Which becomes part of the following lessons with the talented teacher and professional rider, Alejandro.

Mornings begin with meditation and yoga, with two teachers to tailor each class to the groups’ needs, ensuring that your practice strengthens and deepens, followed by a divine brunch and then massages, treatments, you-time and therapies. Each ride in the afternoon combines short focussed lessons with longer outrides, so that you develop your confidence and your technique.  More experienced riders will be taken off for faster rides and may even include some show-jumping.

This retreat is truly holistic and offers a magical space for all levels of yoga and horse-riding to have fun and experience the sparkling sense of freedom that this stunning combination of yoga and horse riding brings.

Book your heart space now on this life changing retreat. Email info@ibizaretreats.com for further information.