Ayurveda in Ibiza @ Atzaro Spa

All the way from Kerala, India, you can now enjoy this ancient natural medicine here in Ibiza in the blissful Balinese surrounds of Atzaro Spa.

Ayurvedic detoxification & rejuvenation treatments are being offered with expert guidance from Dr Mahesh Patil, by video conference from Pune India.  Dr Mahesh will recommend specific diet, lifestyle “adjustments”, pranayama, meditation and yogic practices.

His  “prescription” of Ayurvedic treatments are then given by the highly experienced and India trained, Claudine.


The treatments include:

* Abhyangam – Oil Massage – flushing and flowing movements with medicated oils release stress deeply, rebalance and restore

* Basti – Oil treatment for different organs that may be applied to the back, navel etc

* Swedana – Medicated Steam Bath

* Shiro-dhara – Oil treatment on the head (amazing for quietening the mind)

* Nasyam – Nasal therapy –  sinuses and so much more

* Udwartanam – Herbal Powder Massage

* Shastic pinda sweda – a whole body massage with bags of rice and milk

* Jambir pinda sweda – Whole body massage with bags of lemon and coconut

From back pain, lumbago, arthritis to depression, anxiety, toxicity, high stress to anti-aging, musculoskeletal disorders and weight management, Ayurveda is a science that helps heal the root cause of the felt and seen symptoms.

Read more here – or email larah@ibizaretreats.com for further information and to book your treatments or prescriptive Ayurvedic, tailor-made retreat.

Just Stop! Yoga, Life Coaching & Rejuvenation Retreats

Sept 10th – 14th Enjoy personalised care within a group retreat tailor-made for individual needs. With Rebekah Fensome, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist & Larah Davis, Holistic Wellness Coach, both “Yoga for Life” teachers. Combining daily yoga, breath-work & meditations, Life & Wellness Coaching, Reiki-Massage, purifying organic cuisine with Valerie and Faye holding a healing space to rest and rejuvenate completely.  From 795 GBP / 920 € sharing all-inc.

Elle Magazine June 2012 recommends… this body-mind rejuvenation…

(and it does great things for lifting your spirits too!)

Feeling burned out?    Tired out?     Worn out?   Lacking motivation?   Need a break to get your breath back again?
Just Stop! Retreats have been created for you to do just that!

Find new purpose…. passion and life inspiration…
The magical white island of Ibiza has an amazing energy and has always been a place known for self-expression and release. The perfect place to Just Stop! and join us in 2012 for a rejuvenating, life-enhancing retreat:

Unwind your mind
Rejuvenate your body
Refuel your energy
This all-inclusive retreat is all about putting yourself first and letting go of all responsibilities and “have to’s.
Feel like just stopping in total silence, with siestas by the pool? We are here to help you listen to your body…  and do only what feels good!

Massages, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology & much more
Yet if there are things in your life you do want to achieve, release or change…  we have the knowledge & experience to help you do just that.

Massages & Nerve-calming Cranio-sacral Therapy on arrival, an A-Z of holistic treatments and Rebekah’s transformative Hypnotherapy, plus a chocolate box of experiential workshops for healing & life-balancing tools & techniques.

Personalised programs of treatments & therapies
Enjoy an A-Z menu of treatments & therapies for Mind, Body and to re-Fuel.  Extra private classes include Personal Training, Qi Gong, Pilates.  Daily optional beach trips to some of Ibiza’s most beautiful sandy coves. Plus evening activities including horse-riding, sunset hikes & meditations, spirit of dance & more.

Mind-Body-Spirit Concierge Service – so everything is nice & stress-free!

Larah and Susie from Ibiza Retreats and their team are mind-body-spirit concierges for the island:  to manage all your island logistics,  helping you with flights, transfers, car-hire, boats, bicycles & horse-rides, to essential Island “need to knows” plus the most beautiful natural beaches to explore & spiritual places to visit and go.  “Island knowledge of the moment”… so you can go with the flow!


Meditation & Transformation Retreats

October 4 – 7th – Meditation & Transform Retreat with Valerie, Faye and Ibiza Retreats in the healing heart-retreat of Casa Corazon.  Guided meditations daily, sunset cliff-top meditation and walks in nature, organic nourishing soul-food, full-body massage and gentle Coaching and support to work with the insights and inspirations that may arise.  From 595 GBP all-inclusive. What makes these meditation retreats so special?  Well, it definitely starts with the heart-felt wisdom of meditation leader Valerie…

Valerie brings 30 years meditation experience from India, America and Australia. A wise woman and a powerful teacher, at ’72 years young’.  She introduces a gentle visual approach to inner exploration. This enables the participant to allow spontaneity of change with the relaxation and trust of grounding into their own inner guidance.

Casa Corazon is a centuries’ old farmhouse set in acres of wild meadow and fruit trees, surrounded by pine forests. Sit by the natural pool under the lemon trees.   Take time to enjoy some individual reflection and to be held, hosted gently, by Faye and Valerie, facilitating letting go where you are safe to release.  It is a rural retreat and the pace is slow and easy.

Food is organic, locally sourced and home cooked. Massages and Treatments are out in nature in the shade of pool-side fig trees.   Meditations are held in the  beautiful healing space of the high ceiling of the Entrada.  Lie on the roof-top at night star gazing, wrapped in blankets.  Participate in a sacred ceremony to support the life you wish to live.  The work is gentle yet strong and it is a true self investment.

This is a bespoke retreat and coordinated to suit the needs of beginners at meditation and those who are already familiar with / have established your own practice and feel ready to go deeper. 6 places on offer (minimum of 4 persons required).
The retreat includes:

* Daily Meditation and Breathing workshops

* Sunset meditation in nature

* Full Body holistic massage

* 4-hand Reiki therapy with Tibetan singing bowls, sage ritual and vibrational healing

* Sacred Shamanic ceremony

* Nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner with delicious refreshments provided throughout the day

Optional further Holistic Life Coaching with Larah is available to support you to apply your insights, learnings and new-found clarity with practical strategies for your daily life.

And all in the perfect place to rest your head.  A peaceful and harmonious space to sleep long and deep, in the heart of the island where the frog chorus lulls you into the comfort of your bed. All guests report that they have had the best night’s sleep,  followed by the best breakfasts!

3 of the most beautiful places for tailor-made retreats in Ibiza

We adore Ibiza’s soulful chilled out Fincas in our cherry-picked selection of bed and breakfast hideaways for wonderful tailor-made retreats and relaxing home-stays. 

Why? They are all “homes with a heart”.  Created, evolved, renovated and annually cared for with passion, creativity and lots of positive energy.

1. Each place is luxurious – in its own unique way. From luxurious villas to sacred hideaways high on mountain tops.  From original scented sabina-wood ceilings to infinity pools for sunset sun salutations, the luxury you feel is as much about the peace and tranquility as the white cotton sheets that are scented with fresh lavender.

2. You can let go and be who you are… Barefoot bliss is standard and your hosts, mostly therapists, who have lived vibrant, international lives, really have “seen it all”.  This helps you relax even more… from watching the sunset, to lazing by the pool.

3. The details make the difference! For us at Ibiza Retreats, the beauty resonates in the details that are delicately and lovingly put into place by the owners…  including the fresh Rosemary & lemon tea with Ibiza honey! Served with a genuine smile.  Can you put a value on this?  For us it is… priceless.


Casa Corazon bed and breakfast for tailor-made retreats

1* We adore Casa Corazon – the home with the heart where Valerie, your host, infuses your stay with island wisdom, in-love-with-life laughter and flowers and herbs which have been perfectly positioned between the rustic stone walls and on your bedside table.   Just 5 minutes from the relaxing restaurant-mecca of Santa Gertrudis village, yet nestled amidst beds of purple morning glory flowers, this is a bed and breakfast that gives you a refreshing taste of real, colourful, authentic Ibiza.  With a sunset dipping into the sea on the horizon, watch this amazing soft-light show from your pool-side (salinated! not chlorinated), through the fruit trees, to the sound of the frogs chirruping their happiness-harmonies.  Valerie’s breakfasts are lovingly served, totally organic and, for those in the know, legendary.  Her background, from Byron bay to the USA to Ibiza from the 70’s to the present day, is as colourful as the vibrant flowers that you can enjoy throughout the different seasons.  Boho chic at its best – ask Valerie for one of her deep and transformational guided meditations, 1:1 sessions or, over a glass of organic red wine, some life-stories that will inspire you fully!

The private pool at Can Dream – one of our tailor-made retreat spaces

2* Can Dream is just that… a dream of a retreat location.   In the very heart of the island, this elegantly detailed yet, still understated, casita sits next to the main Finca with panoramic views of countryside, light, white and straight out of Elle Deco yet with true international panache.  Experience Ibiza as it has been for hundreds of years, with almond trees, olive and carob trees dotting the rolling fields and the mountainous north hugging the horizon with pine-topped hills.  This is a bed and breakfast that feels just a little like Babbington House, yet with the delicious privacy of being the only person – or couple – in residence, alongside your hosts-in-the-background, living in the main house, Jonathon and Shaki.   Shaki is a yoga teacher whose expertise spans over 25 years of guiding students through the ancient art.  She specialises in breathwork and also bodyrolling… so you have body-mind beautiful wellness on tap!  We recommend, reading your books from cover to cover in the super-comfortable loungers surrounding the pool.   Step inside the ancient “Lion” tree and meditate with mother nature.

Your natural swimming pool of Benirras beach

Your natural swimming pool of Benirras beach

3* Can Sunsets – where the sun sets into Benirras, your natural “swimming pool.”   Family-style hosting from both a talented intuitive coach and wonderful interior designer with a magical realism touch that ensures your private retreat will be true escapism.  High on a mountain top, Can Sunsets is truly a room – with a view.  The converted stables (corales) offer an ensuite and whilst it is self-catering, the nearby supermarket of Can Currune has an excellent organic section.  Walk down through the valley to Benirras, a relaxing half hour mini-hike, swim in possibly the most beautiful turquoise water swimming pool in Ibiza… and then return by taxi or car.   Lie back in the balinese day-bed and toast the setting sun.  Salute!

Read more about our homes-with-a-heart here for fabulous bed and breakfasts and relaxing homestays in Ibiza.

We look forward to welcoming you here soon!


5 Reasons why Ibiza is the best place for Tailor-made Yoga Retreats

Yoga on Playa Las Salinas

Ibiza is an island where tailor-made yoga retreats are enhanced by the magical energy that you can feel all over the island…

1. In Ibiza you feel free in body and mind… enabling you to deepen your yoga practice and “connect” with yourself 

Our wonderful white island has been attracting spiritual seekers and yogis for decades! Drawn by the open-minded attitudes, the free-thinking people who come to live here and share in our community that welcomes you to relax and be who you are.  Yoga is a spiritual science that recognises the importance of honouring your own, personal needs.  Here in Ibiza, you feel free to be who you really are, which enables you to open your heart and to reach a deeper level of connectedness, in body, soul and mind.


2. Ibiza has attracted top yoga teachers specialising in many different forms and schools of yoga.

Ibiza is a yoga hotspot that has the same vibrant and colourful international feel as the spiritual communities in Goa, in Bali and even Byron Bay.  Whether you are looking for Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga or an integrated Vinyasa Flow, we can tailor-make your retreat to bring in the teaching and guidance of experts in many different yogic fields. And Ibiza attracts teachers from all over the world – bringing their expertise to the island via their passage to (or home from) India for us to enjoy!


3. You can enjoy many different incredible types of retreat accommodation

From sumptuous, luxurious agroturismos ( boutique hotels that were former farmhouses) to rustic and bohemian barefoot bliss, the architecture is soul-ful, with Sabina wood beams and ancient Fincas that nourish your being, just by “being” there. So whether it’s starry skies from the comfort of your Moroccan bell tent – or boutique-hotel style  luxury villas, we have got it all and can bring those day dreams to a reality!


4. Ibiza has over 50 gorgeous beaches…

… with miles and miles of sand and sparkling turquoise waters.  So you can begin your day with a morning meditation by the waters edge, continue with sun salutations and then complete your practice with a swim in pristine pools of emeralds and blues.   And every beach is so different – there is so much diversity to suit every mood and every sand-style

preference. There is tremendous natural beauty here in Ibiza and within the yoga retreats, your itinerary can include trips to unspoilt beaches, boat trips to hidden coves, sunset hikes and cliff-top meditations at “Heaven’s Gate” and many more exquisite places and spaces where practising yoga ignites your inner-smile and generates a lasting peace that will permeate your reality.


5. We have over 320 days of sparkling sunshine in Ibiza every year

For a vitamin D injection… look no further! Whilst enjoying flowing yoga asanas in the beautiful outdoors, you can feel the warmth of the suns rays bouncing off the soil, bringing the pine scent to life.  As you inhale the fresh invigorating rosemary that grows wild throughout the island, your mind is refreshed and you can feel yourself being revived here. We promise!