Naturally healing – rosemary tea

Did you know that Ibiza is full of more than 250 varieties of healing herbs?  (source – Chris Dews@Green Heart Ibiza organisation).

One of which is the wonderful, aromatic and purifying rosemary.  A queen of rejuvenation for the senses, she offers you a delicious and revitalising “brew”.  Simply simmer in hot water (after washing off the dust!) and add slices of fresh lemon for zing with a dollop of natural local honey for those with a sweet tooth (or to ward off a sore throat).  Found growing wild all over our white island, Rosemary has many beautiful benefits including:

* Improve memory

* Full of anti-oxidants – which neutralise free-radicals (particles that can harm our cells)

* Long-term tea-dosages can decrease thrombosis (great for all you winter-jet-setters)

* Supports nervous & circulatory systems

* Purifies and tones the organs

So get that tea ready… what are you waiting for?  If you live here in Ibiza…. it may be growing right outside your door!   And ask us about the natural herbs of Ibiza workshop happening on 22nd November!

MIndfulness techniques for healthy headspace

Learn to create healthy headspace with Mindfulness moments (& rush-hour calm) – anytime – anywhere this winter-time.

Do you have to travel to get to work on a daily basis?

Are you a life-juggling parent with a “nursery” or “school drop” that often feels like a commute ?

Would you like to feel a greater-sense of inner-calm amidst the demands and diversions of modern life?

Twice daily commuting journeys, whether by car, bus, rail, tube or – even – on foot, can overwhelm our nervous systems due to the amount of people, external stimulation and (often unwanted) energies you come in contact with.    The “rush hours” literally, place a huge amount of pressure on the mental and nervous system to rush to “get there on time” – so why not transform this time out amongst the daily chaos of modern life… into time for you to turn in  and tune in.

How? By practicing the art of mindfulness, you will release the stress of traveling, whilst honing a state of inner and outer zen – through being centered, connected and calm.

Mindfulness is “big” right now as high-flying executives and life-juggling career mothers realise the benefits of being able to focus the over-active modern mind with purpose, in order to become more present and calm.   When you are present, the mind is not worrying about future events, nor dwelling on discomfort from the past, it is settled in the now and everything “feels fine”.    Mindfulness is being increasingly recognized in scientific circles as being a vital pathway to psychological health, superb for stress-reduction and…. due to the calming effects on the nervous system (which enables the whole organism to function much better) for the prevention of chronic diseases too.

John Kabat-Zinn is a famous mindfulness meditation teacher and founder of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program the University of Massachusetts Medical Centrer.

“Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way;
On purpose,
in the present moment, and 
non- judgmentally.”

Tune in to this video for further info here! 

Whether you are commuting to work daily by train, car or on foot, make the most of these, often potentially stressful times, by downloading mindfulness apps to your iphone, or ipod.

We love: this headspace app for iphones – (click there)

Prefer to go natural?  One of the 8 limbs of yoga: “Dharana” is the concentration of the mind on one point or stimulus.  So you see, Mindfulness has been practiced for thousands of years – way before apple came along.

Even without a good app or down load (check out John Kabat-Zinn’s website) you can focus your mind and practice mindfulness even when walking – or sitting in a traffic jam.   Look at ONE thing and notice 10 details.  Select one sound out of the cacophony of city-living auricular infusions and tune in to it.   Consciously sip your morning tea and focus all your attention on the taste, the warmth, the texture of it.

Explore and enjoy the healthy headspace and happy body-mind benefits that this conscious mindfulness practice brings!

Strength-building Inner-fire yoga practice

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” ~ Ferdinand Foch

The element of fire cleanses and purifies – it offers us the chance to let go and start again. Fire also symbolises passion and creation. Yet fires with huge, powerful flames can burn big and bright, but ultimately they burn themselves out. Sometimes leaving destruction in their wake.
So how can we ignite a spark which builds into gentle flames and constant glowing embers; allowing us to reap the benefits of our fire?
Here are a couple of suggestions which work for us! Enjoy! 
The practise:
Lion’s Breath – Find the appropriate position for you body – you can be seated or even in a position such as downward dog. Take a few grounding breaths, focusing on what you’d like to move through. As you’re ready, take a deep inhalation through the nose and as you exhale through the mouth, stick out the tongue, open the mouth and eyes wide and let any sound that comes with the breath escape as well. Tip: Try doing thee first thing in the morning or if you feel ‘stuck’ in any way during your practise or your day!
Sun Salutations – Try your normal style – but do 3 rounds to warm-up the body quickly. And then to really get that fire going, hold each posture for 1 minute. This practise really gives you a chance to invoke that internal fire through your legs and core! Breath long and deep and again, if you feel stuck, literally PUMP the breath from your lungs! Focus on release and letting go of anything which you wish to leave behind on your yoga mat. Tip: Try inserting some strong fire poses such as ‘chair’ pose (utkatasana) or Warrior 1 (Vira 1 as shown above) into your 1 in hold poses.
And why not try lighting a candle to evoke fire energy whilst you practise? 

Pamper & Purify Atzaro Spa Retreat

Pamper & Purify April & May 2014- Join Ibiza Retreats in the comfort and Luxury of Atzaro Spa Agroturismo, to re-fresh mind, spirit and body with 5  days of purifying yoga, pilates and divine spa pampering, organic Ibizan beauty experiences and a 5 day alkaline-inspired diet for optimal health.  Enjoy natural glowing radiance to feel body-mind beautiful with fresh zest for life. From 1499 € inc IVA all inclusive sharing a deluxe suite, 1899 € Inc IVA single occupancy8

With holistic Wellness Coaching and a personalised program designed especially to meet your needs, Larah & Susie of Ibiza Retreats and their World Class team, encourage you to explore integrated wellbeing techniques, treatments & therapies to ignite your inner-smile, purify your body and mind and enjoy deep relaxation and release.  Plenty of time in Atzaro’s beautiful Balinese spa, to swim in the lap-pool amidst the orange groves, rest, chillax and just be, ensures that by doing less, you can benefit more.   We support you with a practical plan for bringing a realistic, inspiring and healthy balance to your daily life.

What does your body, mind and soul most need to receive?  5 nights all-inclusive from £ 1325 / € 1499 inc tax. Enquire here now. 

Ibiza Retreats Yoga Classes 2014

Join us for nurturing & revitalising Go with your Flow Yoga classes – or book a private to deepen your practice or as a treat for your family and friends.

* Tuesday & Thursday evenings 6.30pm – 7.45pm – open & unwind: restorative evening flow @ Atzaro

* Thursdays @ 10am – 11.30am (women only) (Larah & Susie) – on the divine pine deck when sunny! @ Can Amonita followed by tea, cake & life-enhancing chats

Please confirm your mat-space – email 24 hours ahead.

We look forward to asana-ing with you soon :0)


Love – Light – and big warm smiles….  Susie & Larah