Healing Ibiza next Sunday 6th May – full of love, laughter and amazing healing energy…

Healing Ibiza May 6 2012 at Atzaro

Healing Ibiza May 6 2012 at Atzaro

In these times of Global change, in this pivotal year of 2012, coming together to connect and share healing tools and techniques for balance and wellbeing is more important than ever.

In a recent interview with Essential Ibiza – they asked: So what is healing Ibiza?

And in essence….. as you can read more about here, Healing Ibiza is an organisation dedicated to Healing and raising Consciousness for the island of Ibiza through not-for-profit events and experiences for inspiration and rejuvenation for body, mind and soul. Over 100 people now come together to contribute their time, love and energy, creating an amazing energy vortex in the beautiful surrounds of Atzaro (who give their incredible space for free).  Inspired during a special Healing Ceremony with a wonderful Shaman called Lilo, a group of us were ignited in a common purpose: to bring together the healers of the island to give back to Ibiza… and each other… as our White Island gives out SO MUCH to so many every year.

This “giving back” is for the greater good of all, of our island, of and for the charity to which the proceeds are donated.  The sensation of giving purely because it is what we LOVE to do (and everyone is doing what they love most on the day!) is what gives all of us, who organise the event, the inspiration and momentum to create two wonderful Healing Ibiza days every year.  The first one is next Sunday 6th May!

Everyone involved is giving from the heart: the therapists, the yoga teachers, the musicians, the teachers giving workshops, the speakers and the beautiful volunteers who come to share in this special time and space for remembering what healing is really all about.

When we give selflessly, with pure and clear intention, without attaching to the outcomes, there are no barriers, no attachments and the energy flows.   We are assisted by spirit… however you perceive this to be…. and we all become channels for a higher, faster, lighter vibration of healing energy.    Through clear intentions and aligned actions, it feels so good and it comes naturally, without thinking…

And remember – EVERYTHING, in its purest form… is energy – we are simply allowing it to flow through us rather than putting out thoughts about how things ought to be.

There are many wonderful areas, offering delicious, educational, healing and nourishing experiences simultaneously:

* Kids area – including painting, music, dance and songs…  and even a teepee!

* Chill out – with Qi Gong, Meditations, Sound & Music Circles, Kirtan & Mantras and special sessions of Mama Fitness for body & mind too!

* Check out the new Consciousness walk…. take off your shoes and reconnect with the earth… take your time and space to walk… more consciously… stop and smell the flowers, look at the perfection of the trees and the grasses… and remember to give thanks for this amazing place we are living in or visiting!

* Therapies – a chocolate box of healing treatments, including massages, reflexology, reiki, cranio-sacral, reconnective healing… and so much more

* Yoga – from teachers from all over the island, sivananda yoga, hatha yoga, dynamic flowing yoga, restorative yoga to soothe body and soul

* Workshops – from dance, to goddess workshops, angels, macrobiotic and chinese medicine and more

* Speakers – from Taoism to the Spine to Emotional Health

* And of course there is the incredible Entertainment line-up… including Indian Dance, Sound Healing & Music that will take you into a Meditation just by listening…

* Read more about the Healing Ibiza schedule and download a PDF here!

* With Atzaro offering fabulous food at accessible prices, complemented by the lovely Lion and team from Abre Sesamo, plus fresh juices galore…

* All proceeds are going to the Mandala School which you can read about here.

‘Retreat of the week’ – StressManagement & Yoga Retreat – 19 – 26th May…x

Retreat: Stressmanagement & Holistic Well-Being Yoga Retreat with Ingo Michehl M. Ed and wonderful guest teachers…

The pool at the Hacienda - for the StressManagement Retreat, Ibiza

A 7 day retreat of stress-management. Yoga, meditation, tai chi, visualisation journeys, free-flowing movement & holistic well-being to help you find (and maintain!) your inner balance and flow; to help you ‘stay fit’ and realise your potential and dreams…

Date: 19 – 26th May &  4 day option – 27th 30th May

Cost: 7 days from £1,578 and 4 days from £743

Location: An exclusive, traquil, luxurious hacienda near the town of San Agustin. Overlooking the sea and near to some of the island’s best beaches!

What’s included: * 7 nights’ shared or single occupancy accommodation in a dream location! * Delicious organic, full board * A private stressmanagement / coaching session * 5 yoga classes and a private 1:1 * 2 evening guided meditations * Balancing and healing energy work * optional cliff hike and a sunset cliff-top meditation *


‘Retreat of the Week’ – Yoga and Hiking, Ibiza 6-12th May

Yoga and Hiking in Ibiza Retreat - Sandra and Shambala - your hosts!


Retreat: Yoga and Hiking in Ibiza! With Sandra and Shambala!

Spring in Ibiza is one of the most beautiful times of the year and perfect for hiking. Experience beautiful walks along the coast, through forests and lush green fields, experiencing moments of silence and meditation in nature.

Daily yoga classes will make your body stronger and more flexible enhancing the awareness of breath, alignment and inner connection. This is a perfect retreat to rest and recharge your energies after the long winter months.

Date: 6 – 12 May

Cost: €650

Location: A beautiful 400 year old finca – fully restored, yet maintaing the spirit of Ibiza! Surrounded by beautiful olive and almond trees and with stunning eco-pool to cool down post hike!

What’s included: * 7 nights accommodation on a shared basis * Full board * All yoga classes * 3 guided hikes * A full body massage *


Make pain your friend…

The body is a naturally re-balancing mechanism. When we are out of balance, pain arises and our state of mind, as well as our body, changes.

A loop can happen within the mind… our nervous system sending feedback loops like – “I am in pain” “it hurts” – or even, when it becomes too intense, something more similar to a white noise effect, blocking out all other sensory awareness.

When pain becomes the dominant thoughts and feelings (and is preventing you from moving freely and with ease) Just STOP! look within and listen to your inner voice, the quiet, simple words of your intuitive inner-knowings.

First: accept the pain.

Its there, so accept it being there. The more we resist it being there, the more energy we are sending it and the stronger and bigger it becomes.
Simply accepting it allows you to relax about it to a certain degree. With this release of mental and physical resistance your body can already begin healing as the blood can carry the fresh oxygenated cells to the area of discomfort.

Second: breathe – slowly and deeply, through your body, bringing your hands onto your abdomen to direct your breathe. Then bring your hands to the place where the pain is. If it is on the back of your body just one hand is fine. It has been proven that by bringing your hands / touching the point of the body that requires healing, energy and awareness is naturally directed there. Simply, scientific fact. Add the extra layer of the breathing and imagine the colour that is most soothing, visualise this colour flowing there and notice the positive effects.

Third: ask yourself, what is the cause of this pain? Pain is a symptom of a discomfort deeper down. Caused by an inbalance, an accident caused by…. what exactly? What has been going on in our subconscious that we have not looked at or listened to? (As our subconscious is so mostly over-ridden and talked over by our fast-moving, anxious, monkey conscious mind.

Notice the first things that come up…. is it something you have to change? to do differently? to let go…. Where you moving to fast? Or too “in your head”? What was causing the stress that was causing you to trip or fall, or rip or tear?

And now… thanking the pain….. for the message…. (and notice how GRATITUDE is a balm for body AND soul) what can you choose to do more harmoniously, more consciously?

Join us for self-healing, pain-relieving retreats and wellness escapes in Ibiza…. and enjoy the empowerment of these natural pain-release techniques!

With love and gratitude for your readership…. and for sharing the healing journey x Larah x

For Life & Wellness Coaching – email larah@ibizaretreats.com

Easter eggs…. reminding us to “birth” our wishes, creations, desires & dreams…

Its Easter Time…. and Passover for many a holiday thats roots are both spiritual and pagan.   Here in Ibiza everything is sprouting, shooting and bursting forth.  And from all of us at Ibiza Retreats, a colourful reminder that the seeds that have been planted for the year of 2012 are now ready to blossom.   So… here is some healthy Easter Wellness Coaching to help you focus on what you most want to nurture!

Birthing new concepts, visions and dreams takes courage, commitment and a whole lot of time and energy.

So whilst everyone takes a break this Easter holiday, why not use your time wisely and set aside some moments to contemplate what you want, in your life, to BLOSSOM deliciously?

* Do you have ideas to crack open, to think out of the box?

* Are you ready to announce your new career path, request that promotion or to send out the email that you are going to be moving…?

* Is it time to introduce some fresh focus into your business… to inspire your team?

* What about your mind & body… are you ready to revamp your inner-“vamp” with some yoga and self-coaching techniques to feel truly beautiful outside and within?

* Would you like to finally ask that special someone on a date? (life is for LIVING and spring is time to get PLAYFUL with a potential mate)

* Do you have the luxury of your own private garden which is becoming beautiful outside? Mother nature offers the perfect space for your yoga and meditation practice to re-birth your spiritual essence

* And what about your Vision Board? Can it do with some extra colourful images and inviting words that give voice to your desires & dreams?

Easter time…. time to resurrect YOUR self-belief… find time to create some positive affirmations, stated in the “I AM” present tense so that you can resonate with your wishes and give the universe a clear vibrational offering.

And chocolate of course, abounds right now, so how about practicing the healthy, happy-making art of “Moderation”.

Enjoy your time to celebrate this special time of year…. coming together to celebrate with loved ones is a beautiful opportunity to shower your life with gratitude and appreciation.   So just as the blossom spreads in the wind, your positive feelings can permeate your environs and enhance your success, happiness and wellbeing…


With chocolatey love (the dark, melted, infused with chilli kind)


Larah, Susie & the Ibiza Retreats team….